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Aristocrat Delivery (in less than 30 minutes!)

July 13, 2015
While I was drafting the article for Filipino Merienda (which will be published tomorrow afternoon ;)), my mom commented that she wanted Pancit Luglog. 
A quick search on the internet routed me to Aristocrat’s website and right on top of the page it says,  Aristocrat does Food Delivery. Perfect! I got my phone, dialed the number (7862664) and ordered.

I thought of adding more food items to make the delivery worth-while (and because someone doesn’t want the food for dinner – me!). The girl who took the call got my name, phone number, delivery address and landmark. I am glad that they agreed to deliver at our place. Most of the restaurants I have previously called – including the ones at City Delivery refused to take deliveries at our place. It is during these rare times that I wish I were living in Makati. 
The call ended at 5:37 pm and the Aristocrat committed to 45 minutes to an hour delivery time. 
At 6:03 pm, we found the Aristocrat rider knocking outside. 
That’s swift and fast like FLASH! The delivery came from Aristocrat SM San Lazaro. I think there is no call center handling the calls and customers need to contact the nearest Aristocrat store directly.
The food was packed in cartons with special seal that says: 

It seemed like I am unwrapping and unboxing a gadget. To tell you honestly, I love that kind of quality packaging. The carton also has a print that says: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.
Aristocrat is an environment-friendly restaurant. FYI. 🙂 
The food came warm and carefully packed. 
I forgot to take a picture of the Chicken BBQ – but it came with a pack of plastic spoon and fork with tissue, Java Sauce and vinegar. 
As for the total damage, there’s a delivery charge of Php 50. 
I am not complaining. Imagine enjoying home-cooked Filipino food from Aristocrat at the comforts of your home. For a change, it is good to welcome food delivery that is not from fast-food chain or pizza parlor 🙂 
Will I recommend Aristocrat Delivery?
Big YES. They also do delivery for baked goodies! 
If you live in Manila, dial 7862664 for Aristocrat Delivery. 
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