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10 Things to Do in Guam (Aside from Shopping!!!)

July 10, 2015
things to do in guam

I had an awesome opportunity to explore Guam for 5 days (thank you to our friends at Guam Visitors Bureau!).On the 6th day en route back to Manila, I got more than a tanned skin and shopping bags to go home with me – I had an awesome experience. Guam has so much more to offer than the fine beaches and shopping deals! 

Here are the Top 10 Things to Do in Guam to help you plan your itinerary:

1. Visit the War in the Pacific National Historical Park

There’s no better way to understand the history and culture of Guam but to visit the War in the Pacific National Historical Park. It is one of the most interactive museums I have visited. It also shows a 10-minute clip of the history of Guam after World War II.

Travel Tip: Don’t forget to check out the souvenir shop before leaving museum. The water flask makes a good gift/souvenir! Read full story of my visit here.

2. Food Trip 

One of the most recommended must-eat places in Guam is the Jamaican Grill. But aside from the famous Jamaican place, we also got to explore other restaurants and here are my recommendations.
  • Manhattan Steakhouse for luxe dining and best steak in town! Treat yourself to a night of good food. Dress up, drink some wine and enjoy the steak. 
  • Jeff’s Pirates Cove for the best burger in town. Think fries and heavy burger. You can order beer instead of soda while enjoying the cool breeze of the sea. 
  • Lone Star Steakhouse for great American food! The place is near the Guam Premium Outlets so you can take a quick stroll at the mall to burn those calories!
  • Panda Express (yes, America’s favorite fastfood Chinese place) is also present in Guam! There’s one in Micronesia Mall. 
things to do in guam
Lastly, don’t leave Guam without trying the famous Turkey Leg!

3. Hit the Beach, Commune with Nature and Swim at a Natural Pool
Most of the hotels in Guam offer good seaside view and pools. But if you want to experience nature and be amazed at the beautiful sight and sound of the water hitting the beautiful rock formations, head to Inarajan Natural Pool (entrance is free) 
things to do in guam
Travel Tip: There is a mini grocery store in front of the lake and you can buy any item from there and ask to use the toilet
Or, if you don’t want to get wet and still want to go under water, visit the Fish Eye Marine Park (entrance $10 adult). 

4. Fall in Love at Two Lovers’ Point

One of the best places in Guam to have a photoshoot or #ootd shoot. The place tells a legend of love story that ended in the site. The place is filled with love locks from tourists who have visited the place. 
things to do in guam
Travel Tip: You can buy love locks from the site for $6. 

5. Dive and Dine at the Underwater World
things to do in guam
I am pretty sure you want to experience that too! It is not your ordinary sea trek because inside the aquarium are different fish and species including shark and sea turtle!
Underwater World Guam offers sea trek adventure for both kids and adults. At night, the tunnel is converted into a restaurant and guests can “dine with the sharks”. 

Sea Trek Price $89 adults (with guided helmet tour). 
Dinner under Sea $99 (with 3-day aquarium access)
6. UTV Jungle Rules Adventure
For those who want some extreme activity, I highly recommend the UTV adventure at Jungle Rules (fee: $120)  It is not your typical ATV ride. It offers so much more like off-road trails in rugged red terrain and a great view of the Pacific Ocean!
things to do in guam
Travel Tip: I haven’t spotted a decent toilet in the area. So better come with empty bladder before going on this adventure. Bring your bottle of water too!
7. See Guam via ZipGuam!

Zoom your way down the scenic view of Guam via ZipGuam (fee: $55)! It is 45-minute ride where one cruises 9 stations to enjoy the view of Guam including the beautiful sea shore. 

things to do in guam
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8. See the Better View of Guam via SkyDive Guam!

things to do in guam
Do I need to say more? Well, read my Sky Diving experience here. 
SkyDive Guam Fee total package (includes DVD) $540
Travel Tip: It is best to schedule your Sky Dive early in the morning. We did ours at 5:30 AM.

9. Enjoy the Night Life and Cultural Shows

One of the things I love about Guam is the laid back vibe. But that doesn’t mean they do not know how to have fun and party! Friday night may seem like a Sunday morning for them but Chamarros know good entertainment!
Check out this live cultural show at the Beach while sipping a glass of your favorite cocktail. The show is very engaging and interactive. Make sure that you join in the fun and dance at the end of the show!

things to do in guam
Travel Tip: Visit the Beach before sunset to see the most beautiful sunset you would see. 
For Las Vegas style entertainment, head on over to the Sand Castle Bar. Enjoy liverly, heart-stopping and fun performances, magic show and acrobats. Check out the Sand Castle Guam entertainment rates and packages here.

10 Rent a Camaro Car and Drive Around the City!

Explore Guam and drive in style with this convertible Camaro fully decalled with US flag! The best way to get around Guam is to rent a car and driving is no problem (no international license required for those who are visiting and driving less than a month). This beauty is for rent at Pacific Star Resort.  Now, who needs a ride? 
things to do in guam
Well, of course, don’t forget to Shop when in Guam!
Go Shopping! 

Two good things about shopping in Guam: first, the Guam Premium Outlet which houses stores like Levi’s, Payless, Nike, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger and a lot more. There are also restaurants around the area. The best thing about the stores, they offer really good discounts and deals. 
Travel Tip: Go to Famous Shoestore for great deals for shoes. I saw pair of Nike running shoes at $60 and some shoes on clearance sale at $20!
The second best thing about shopping in Guam: store hours are until 10 pm. And hey, the Ross Dress for Less store in Guam is open until 1:00 AM! It is another must-go place in Guam as it offers branded, new, unused and discounted items from clothes, accessories, shoes and household stuff. You have to really dig into piles and racks of items. The shopping experience is super fun!

For more upscale shopping, go to T. Galleria (by Duty Free Shopping) and the strips in San Vitores Drive. My best buys from T. Galleria are the Godiva Chocolate Bars and Pandora Charm ($36!).
Thank you for joining me at my #RuthGoestoGuam adventure! 
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