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[Travel] Guam Day One: The Jungle Rules Adventure

June 22, 2015

Guam greeted us with a beautiful weather on our first day. Our gracious host, the Guam Visitors Bureau treated us to a lunch at Lone Star Steakhouse before heading South to the Jungle Rules UTV Adventure. 

You can read about en route to Guam story and our home at Pacific Star Hotel. 

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Lone Star Steakhouse Guam

Lone Star Steakhouse speaks the language of cowboy (and cowgirls!). They said they serve the best steak in Guam.  I was already feeling the Guam vibe as soon as we arrived in the area. It was a quick drive from our hotel and the restaurant is near the Guam Premiere Outlets. You could all imagine us itching to shop (!!!)

Why do restaurants and bars in different countries have that specific ambiance that tell you, you are out of the country? There are a lot of new themed-restaurants in the Philippines, but there is always something different about dining out in a different country. 

I had the MexiBurger (with Lonestar Chili and Cheddar Cheese) USD$11.99 served with fries on the side. I was still feeling full from the breakfast in the hotel so I had to skip the steak. I heard from the steak authority (Jill) that it is nom-my! Well, even the bread & butter is equally good.  Close to the one that they serve in Maple 

I loved my burger which is perfectly cooked and blended with hint of chili and melted cheese.


Lone Star Steakhouse has such an inviting bar and I was ready to order beer. But, I felt that it was too early for beer so I skipped the beer and off we went to Jungle Rulez.  Never did it occur to me I could have beer anytime of the day in Guam!

 Jungle Rules UTV Guam

On our way to Jungle Rules Adventure, I noticed how bright blue the sky is in Guam. It looks so clean and serene. The weather is quite erratic though. One minute it is sunny and suddenly it turns cloudy with few drizzles. But one thing I love about Guam is how easy you can get to point A to B. When Fritz told us it was going to be a quick 30-minute drive to Jungle Rules, we got there on time.  
When we arrived at Jungle Rules, a group of men greeted us with Haf’a Adai! I love hearing it wherever we go! They looked so happy and excited for the adventure waiting for us that day. A big surprise for me though  – well, I didn’t know we were taping for PopTalk the entire trip! I thought they would only record our Sky Dive adventure.  Read about my Sky Diving experience! To say the least, I was surprised. I was not prepared for my first TV appearance! It is not that I needed a makeup artist but I even packed my stuff on the afternoon of our flight. It was a great surprise! So yeah, it was part of my little adventure in Guam!

Anyway, Jungle Rules Adventure is not your typical ATV ride. It offers so much more like off-road trails in rugged red terrain and a great view of the Pacific Ocean! During the quick briefing, they introduced us to our great vehicles and the things that we need to know during the ride and when accidents happen (so yeah,  accidents may happen! Don’t forget to sign the waiver!). 

I rode with Kuya Tonipet while cameras were rolling in front of us. Myke and Jill were behind us. I personally don’t know how to drive so I enjoyed my time being the obedient passenger.

But what is an adventure if it is always a smooth ride?

Well.. we had a little fun ride indeed at Jungle Rulez! Our UTV almost flipped on my side! I could almost kiss the terrain and I was holding on to my dear life. I thought I was ready to get injured, but somehow I was holding on to the bars and thinking my super powers could help reverse the situation. I made sure I was holding at the bars INSIDE the UTV (as instructed during briefing) just in case of accidents (waiting to happen any second to us), we wouldn’t get injured.

Thankfully, our guide was quick enough to advise Tonipet how to maneuver the UTV and we made it safe and alive! Woot!

(now, just one reason for you to watch the PopTalk Anniversary in Guam!)

What makes the whole adventure different from other ATV’s I have tried are the scenic views that would welcome you in every successful terrain. It was like a reward for a job well-done.

The adventure didn’t stop here. We went on the other side of the hill to shoot more adventures. Wow, it was my first time to be part of a TV show shoot and I loved how they pushed us to do more to create good materials. Now I understand why artists say “they worked hard for a movie” or project. 
Can I just say, “Ibang Ruth dela Cruz ang mapapanood nyo sa PopTalk” Haha. 

Jamaican Grille

Everyone who has been to Guam recommends to try the Jamaican Grille (I have a friend who even commented on my post in Facebook suggesting that I try this place). Thankfully, our host included it in our itinerary. It is such a colorful, fun place. The ambiance seems like a picture with high warmth temperature and saturation. But I like it.

Our host took care of ordering for us. I was starving like mad and I cared less about the cameras around me. I love the salad, the fish sisg and the ribs that has a hint of adobo. Of course, we all loved the Chicken and Ribs Family Platter ($49.95 USD)

 Chicken and Ribs Family Platter good for 6 to 8 pax

We had such an amazing first day in Guam. I instantly fell in love with the relaxed and laid-back feel of the city.

Chillin like a #TitaofManila in Jamaican Grille with my Ginger Beer Soda
You wouldn’t guessed where we headed after dinner.. We went shopping!

Yes, at 10:00 PM, we headed at Ross Dress for Less. The store sells discounted items from dresses, bags, perfume, watches. They are branded and never used. Shopping Haven I must say.

[to be continued]

Thank you Guam Visitors Bureau and Alouatta Group for having me on this trip!

Lone Star Steakhouse
615 S Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning, 
GU 96913. 
671.646.6061, Fax. 671.649.8082

Jungle Rulez 
Adult Ride: $120 USD
Daily: 8am, 10am, 2pm and 4pm
Ride time per tour: 2 hours

Jamaican Grill
Tamuning, Guam

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