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[Travel] Manhattan Steakhouse, Guam

June 28, 2015
Our gracious host in Pacific Star Hotel in Guam hosted a fine welcome dinner for our group at the Manhattan Steakhouse. 

manhattan steakhouse guam

You can imagine how hectic our schedule was during the Guam Trip. It was always a delight to come home to the hotel with the spacious lobby greeting me every after adventure, fresh towels to embrace me after warm bath and the comfortable bed to drown myself into every night. These are the simple things I love whenever I travel which some people might not understand. I am still not open for backpacker’s type of travel, but I know I would get there. Soon. 

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Manhattan Steakhouse is located at the 4 Level of Pacific Star Hotel.  Roy takes pride of it as the only, truly authentic New York Steakhouse in Guam. I have to believe the guy who has been traveling all over the world even before I was born. He knows my country’s history and he must have probably been to different islands in the Philippines than any other born Filipino. He knows good food and he knows his steak.

 The place may seem a little bit intimidating but I am telling you, the staff is really nice and accommodating. Majority of the staff is Filipino and the one thing that I love about them – they love seeing fellow Filipinos visiting Guam! They are very warm and friendly. They must have adopted the Chamorro culture.

 Now what’s for eats? Roy ordered a special appetizer plate for us. There’s Shrimp Cocktail, Crab Cakes, Rocketfeller Oysters, Seared Tuna and Salmon.  I am usually very careful when eating seafood but during that night, I enjoyed everything. After every bite, they asked me to try the other dish, and they offered them with good faith that I would love each – and I do. And we are only talking about appetizers here. Wait until you hear about the premium steaks.

manhattan steakhouse guam

I originally ordered for Sherry Temple, but I got curious with the Berry Weisse Beer which all the boys were drinking.  I had to order and I liked it. So during the course of the dinner, #TitoofManila Raffy kept on teasing me for having three drinks (my goblet of water included!). Like a real, responsible drinker, I finished them all. 🙂

Now, for the best part. The STEAK! 
Roy gave us the liberty to order our steak but he suggested to try the premium steaks. Choices are Filet Mignon and NY Striploin (they both come in different sizes – depending on how hungry you are). I had to consult the wait staff – Filet Mignon is a tender one and NY Striploin is the tasty and flavourful one. I went with NY Striploin 10 oz – medium well ($50 USD).

It does look small.. but you wait (scroll down please!)

My NY Striploin did taste good. It is perfectly cooked, tender and tasty. I love the little fat in my meat. Perfect with my cherry tomatoes. The mushroom side is the bomb!
manhattan steakhouse guam
This may not be the most detailed review you would read online about Manhattan Steakhouse in Guam, but I am telling you I love the food here and I would surely be back.
A fine main course deserved a fine dessert. We had special ice cream dessert with a short Flambe’ presentation.

Roy being the gracious host that he is, even prepared and brewed Turkish Coffee for us.
It is the first time I saw this way of brewing which yielded a strong, bitter-sweet coffee.

manhattan steakhouse guam
manhattan steakhouse guam
Sip and chew a date (fruit!)

Thank you so much Roy and Haven!

Group pic by Carmel of Alouatta, Inc.

**Thank you Guam Visitors Bureau, Alouatta Inc and Pacific Star for having me in this trip!
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