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[Travel] Guam Day Four: SkyDive and ZipGuam Adventures

July 1, 2015
Day Four of #RuthGoestoGuam travel series started early at 5:00 in the morning. I am thinking of doing a summary of best things to do while on a 5-day travel adventure in Guam to make it easy for you to plan your trip.
The thing that I was (un)anticipating but wanted to get over with during my Guam Travel – Sky Diving!!!

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5:30 AM SkyDive Guam

We were up early at 4 in the morning and I skipped breakfast or anything that would upset my stomach. We headed to United Airlines for the SkyDive Guam adventure. You can read the whole story of my sky diving experience here (+ tips for first time divers!).

You could imagine the BIG relief after it was all done. Whew! Now I want to do skydive every visit to a destination that offers sky diving. Haha
We then went back to hotel for breakfast (and we endlessly talked about the SkyDive Guam experience!).

10:00 AM Dusit Thani Guam Tour

At 10 in the morning, we headed to the Dusit Thani Guam for a quick tour of the hotel before its official opening. We were joined by Russian delegation. Dusit Thani offers a great view of the island with world class facilities and rooms. The kind of hotel room that would make you stay and forget about the city.
Posing like a true Chamorro 😉 with Raffy Pekson, Fritz Cruz, Myke Soon, Jill Bantang and Olga Kulikova (far right)

11:30 Guam Premium Outlet 

We spent the rest of the morning at Guam Premium Outlets and had lunch at Ajisen Ramen. You basically get a mix of different cuisines in Guam. And while shopping is best in Guam (so much outlet stores, discounts and good deals!!!) , I was successful at controlling myself. I thought I have everything I need back home. The goods are very tempting though. I wanted to give a good excuse for not buying much gifts or pasalubong – they have to visit and experience Guam if they want goods from the island (more about Guam Shopping on the next post).
In the afternoon, we tried the ZipGuam

2:00 PM Zip Guam at Hilton Hotel

zipguam hilton hotel
It was funny feeling a bit scared of Zip Line when I have already tried the Sky Diving. Well, there are just too many mechanical stuff going on in a zipline ride. I have tried a couple of zipline rides but the ZipGuam experience was a bit different. It is not like your ordinary zipline where you zoom your way out a long line. Zip Guam has 9 stations and you have to do it one by one, transferring to every station. 
The first 3 stations were like a test-zip. The trick is to lean backwards and create a big 0 in your right hand while zooming your way down the zipline. On the first two stations, I kept on swirling around until I had found my rhythm and trick to control myself from doing dangerous acrobats and stunts. 
After the first 3 stations, we walked our way to the next stop where we traveled and zipped down a jungle-like view. The best part was saved for the last 3 stations. We got to zip with a nice view of the sea shore and islands. 
I wish I could share the pictures with you. I am still waiting for Mr. MixofEverything to upload them 🙂 

4:30 PM PopTalk Shoot at Pacific Star Hotel

Back at the hotel, we had our quick shoot for the Pop Talk’s Anniversary Special in Guam – the Final Verdict. Please do watch the show at GMA News TV this Saturday at 8:00 pm (I sound like a real celebrity writing and virtually saying that line). 🙂 
Picture by Jill Bantang

5:30 PM #GMIF 

After the shoot, we gathered our Global Media kit and changed into red shirts for the Guam Micronesia Island Fair at the nearby park! The mood was very festive! Super fun! Plus, we got to taste the famous Turkey Leg! It is a must-try food when in Guam!

9:00 PM More Shopping at T. Galleria and Ross

After our visit at the Guam Micronesia Island Fair, we took advantage of the free time and we headed to the malls for more shopping. Well, they did a lot of shopping. I was just keen at buying myself a charm from Pandora to symbolize my travel in Guam. I bought myself a really nice passport charm with airplane design. It tells the story of my SkyDiving experience and my US VISA 🙂 
I was super happy to find out that Jeff also wished to buy charms for her wife. I was also able to sway Myke to buy one for her wife and himself. I find that it is a good souvenir to collect whenever you travel. It is small, rare, and precious. Personally, I buy something that signifies my travel experience. I used to collect picture frames. But I found out some are just made in China and can be bought in Manila. 
The other day, I visited a Pandora store in SM Megamall and asked about the passport charm. It costs around Php 2,500. I am happy to get a good deal at Guam. I got it for only $36 dollars with discount (which is roughly Php1,650). 🙂 
After T.Galleria, we headed to Ross Dress for Less. Everyone seems to love Ross. Well, who wouldn’t love Ross? The store has a lot of good stuff – branded, unused and at discounted price. BUT I thought I didn’t need to buy anymore gifts for friends or family. We were surprised when our host, Roy picked us up at Ross. And he brought this car. 

guam nightlife
Yes guys, the only Camaro fully decal’ed with US Flag that you will find in Guam. This convertible beauty is for rent at the Pacific Star Resort and Hotel.  
Travel Tip: The best way to get around Guam is to rent a car. You don’t need international driver’s license unless you are driving or staying for more than a month. 
Roy is such a great host touring us around Guam and even taking us out to a nice Korean-owned bar, Fusion Tavern!

12-ish Night Life at Fusion Tavern

We came past midnight and there were a few people in the bar. The Korean lady who owns the bar welcomed Roy and our group with a sweet smile. It seemed that she already had a few drinks that night. She seemed fun and awesome.

Aside from the smiling Korean lady, we were also welcomed with dollars and a lot more dollars stuck in every inch and corner of the bar. I was naturally curious and I had to ask, where did these dollars come from? They are from the guests who have visited the bar and they leave a dollar as a donation. At the end of the year, the bar collects them all and send to Unicef. How awesome is that? I forgot to ask how the tradition started, I was so amazed at the idea and I just started snapping photos.

guam nightlife
Aside from the dollars pasted and pinned everywhere, Fusion Tavern also has a billiard room, basketball mini-play court and Juke box! #TitosofManila ‘s Raffy and Myke spent a few dollars to play some songs. For one dollar you get to choose 3 songs from the selection. 
And speaking of selection, Fusion Tavern bar has some good beer selections. 
guam nightlife
I was hoping we could go back on our last night at Tavern Fusion but we didn’t get the chance. I wasn’t able to leave a mark and donation. If I get the chance to visit Guam again, I would put this bar on top of my itinerary. 
Oh, I missed these guys!
You could imagine how hectic our schedule was during Guam Trip. I didn’t even have the time to charge my phone and camera.  But like what I always say, you couldn’t just complain. It is amazing that you get to accomplish a lot of things and go to different places in just one day. 
At around 2-ish in the morning, we found ourselves in Little Caesars at K-Mart (which is open 24 hours). Truly, no one sleeps when you are out of the country.
Stay tuned for the next blog. Day 5 is all about SHOPPING!
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