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En Route to Guam and Our Home at The Pacific Star Hotel

June 22, 2015
guam travel blog

Guam Travel Blog: Ruth Goes to Guam Day One

Finally!!! I am writing about my trip to Guam! I have been dying to write about this story since last week. But on my last day of #RuthGoestoGuam adventure, my laptop encountered the Blue Screen of Death. It is all good now and I have gained access to my pictures.. so here I am taking you to my exciting week in Guam!

Where do I start? Let me start with, the story on how it all started. It was an invitation like no other. When they told me I needed to apply for a US Visa, I already knew what was happening next. I screamed “I am going to Hollywood!!!” (just like those American Idol contestants who made it to the elimination) Well, okay, I am not going to Hollywood yet.. I did not go to Hollywood – I went to Guam! 

The trip which was initially scheduled on May was moved on June and the team needed to ensure that all invited media guests would be able to make it. My worry was having a back-to-back trip with #RuthGoestoBeijing but gladly, I had a week off before we headed to Guam!
GUAM! Finally! A few things you need to know about Guam (and a lot that I love):

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  • Guam is the US island territory in Micronesia.
  • The Chamorros populated the island about 4,000 years ago. They are the locals but we see a lot of Filipinos in the island (and they are always happy to see us!)
  • As a Filipino citizen, you need a US Visa to visit Guam.
  • To work in Guam, you need to be a resident of the country.
  • Guam is known for its nice beaches and shopping outlets.
  • Guam is just five-hours flight from Manila.
  • From Manila, you can book a flight via United Airlines or Philippine Airlines.
  • Weather in Guam is erratic – one minute it is sunny hot, then it turns cloudy and in the afternoon, rain starts drizzling. This is the situation almost everyday we were in Guam. But I love it. Not complaining.
  • It is always smooth driving in Guam. On our last day, I dreaded going back to Manila and dealing with traffic. Seriously.
  • I love the laid-back feel of the island. It always feels Sunday morning even on a Friday night. I wish to relocate to Guam NOW. 

Now, here’s a long read for you about my Guam experience. Our flight was scheduled at 10:05 in the evening and I was at the airport at 6ish (because weather was bad and mom kept on telling me to go early).

We boarded the Philippine Airlines flight with Madam Carmel (of Guam Visitors Bureau) Myke Soon, Jill Bantang, Raffy Pekson, Bing Ramos (official photographer) and the Pop Talk Crew.  The flight from Manila to Guam was a smooth 5-hour flight. It is one of the lightest flight for me (because, it is Philippine Airlines and I didn’t need to deal with boredom).

Guam is 2-hours ahead of Manila and we arrived at around 5ish in the morning. As expected in the immigration area, the officer asked me a lot of questions – the purpose of my visit, why was I invited, and other things I couldn’t remember. One thing he asked me though, to not write about him. Haha. Well, okay, that’s all I am sharing now. I understand how critical and inquisitive immigration officers are. 

Finally, Haf’a Dai! 

Haf’a Dai! pronounced as “half a day” is a greeting in Chamorro which means “hello!”

guam travel blog
Our home in Guam is just a ten-minute drive from the airport – Pacific Star Hotel. It is indeed a tropical haven. We arrived in the hotel before sunrise but I could already see the beautiful view of the sea from the lobby.

guam travel blog
First official photo/selfie in Guam with Tito Raffy and Tito Myke
The #TitosofManila and I love these two!
This spot is my favorite place and stop after our daily adventures in Guam.

The Pacific Star Hotel

Our room was located at the 8th floor – and it was on our second day that we realized that we were all staying in the same floor! It felt like staying in a great, grand house! I was even more touched to see and read the welcome note from Pacific Star‘s General Manager, Roy Abraham. I personally love writing letters – so imagine my delight to receive this! Plus, they even hosted a welcome dinner for us  at the Manhattan Steak House (more on that in the next post!)
Our room is a deluxe room with two double beds and everything that we needed for a comfortable stay. There’s hot and cold shower, coffee maker (with Wolfgang Puck coffee!), toiletries and fresh towels everyday. There’s a working wifi in every room. The hotel is just near K-Mart and Guam Premiere Outlets (shopping!). You wouldn’t believe that we started shopping at 10 pm (almost every night!). So basically,  I was crawling in my bed to get some zzz everynight before the next day’s adventures.

guam travel blog

 guam travel blog pacific star hotel

guam travel blog pacific star hotel
guam travel blog pacific star hotel
Here’s the view from our hotel room when we arrived. Guam was still asleep but what makes the view more attractive is the non-existence of smog.  
guam travel blog pacific star hotel
guam travel blog pacific star hotel
I tried to take a nap but my stomach was speaking at me. I headed down the cafe to have breakfast and found our #TitosofManila Myke and Raffy!
It was a surprise to find out that majority of the staff in the Pacific Star hotel is Filipino. They are very pleasant and they seem to enjoy their job. Thinking about it now, I miss their sincere smiles that greeted me every morning. 

We had such a hectic schedule in Guam! I remember not having the time to sort my stuff, charge the phone or even have a decent sleep. But I am used to this kind of schedule whenever I travel. I remember not sleeping when I was in London. Haha.

Our Guam adventure started at 11 am on the same morning that we arrived. 

[to be continued]

Pacific Star Hotel and Spa
627 B Pale San Vitores Road, Tumon, 96913, Guam
+1 671-649-7827

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