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I Didn’t Understand the Minions Craze Until I Unboxed a McDonald’s Minions Gift Box…!

July 9, 2015
When everything started looking yellow again, I know the Minions are back. Everyone seems to sing the Ba-ba-banana song. I wonder if they hit number in billboard.
The Minions invasion continues as McDonald’s introduces the Minions Happy Meal and Minions Combos. All the people I know want to own and collect a minion army. My Facebook feed, my instagram and social media started looking yellow.
Click Read More to see the unboxing video..
I admit they are the cute and lovable creatures. I love the movie Despicable Me and I want to see the Part 2. But I was probably one of the few who are not swayed with the Minions craze. I didn’t have plans of collecting the toys. 
First of all, I don’t want clutter in my room. Second, I would rather pay for a fries upgrade or another meal than pay a higher price for a Happy Meal (I sound like a #tita – yes I am a Tita and I don’t have kids yet). And lastly, I just don’t collect anything that would just collect dust and eat up space in my room. I am living a minimalist life now.

But everything changes when McDonald’s sent me this package. Let’s change that, everything changes when I unboxed the Minions Package! It is not a Happy Meal (I was wishing!) but I spotted Minions inside. I thought I would share the fun of unboxing this sweet gift so I created a youtube video for you guys and kids out there!
So I got Egyptian Hula Minion, Minion Vampire, Martial Arts Minion, Groovy Stuart, Minion Caveman, Marching Minion Soldier, Guard Minion, Lava Shooting Minion, Guitar Strumming Stuart and Chatting Bob.
And wow, I never know 10 pieces of plastic, movable toys can change my views in less than an hour of unboxing! Okay they are not just plastics.. they are yellow plastics molded into cute little, adorable Minions which seem like they literally came out from the movie screen!
When my mom visited my room, she was surprised to find me playing with these MINIONS!
So it looks like I would start collecting these Minions.
Can’t wait to head over to McDonald’s and try the new Honey Banana McFloat. A sweet and refreshing banana and honey flavoured drink topped with vanilla soft serve. 
Minions Medium Fries N McFloat Combo Php65

McFlurry Lovers can try the two new flavors: Banana McFlurry with Oreo – bananalicious twist with Oreo; or the Banana Crumble McFlurry made with crushed graham and banana flavor served with vanilla soft serve.  The Minions Medium Fries N McFlurry Combo only Php95.
Or enjoy the Minions BFF Fries N McFloat Combo Php 165 or the Minions BFF Fries N McFlurry Combo Php 225 and eat with barkada just like Kevin, Stuart and Bob (or better yet, just bring your Minions collection and enjoy the food all by yourself!).
Head on over to your nearest McDonald’s Store and get your Minions Happy Meal!
Can you guess which one is my favorite?
The Minion Vampire!
Which one is your favorite?
Share your pictures with hashtag #minionsatmcdo. I want to see them!
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