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The First Time I CrossFit

July 26, 2015
I was feeling immobile and disabled the morning after I tried crossfit. I missed out on a couple of events and commitments and my body was only longing for some rest. Apparently, I had daughter duties to attend to and rest was the last on my list. 
My original plan was to attend the launch of Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge. Although the invitation said that we need to bring work-out shoes because of the “physical activities” prepared for us, I decided to not bring them.

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But still.. I was swayed to stretch the muscles and let it all sweat! Never mind the girly sandals and the rather too-fit shorts. The energy inside 360 Fitness Club in SPARTA in Pioneer was too powerful, add the motivating cheers from the team. 
 First, we were grouped into two. We were required to finish 6 sessions/stations. 
First, the push-ups! I felt that doing push-ups is my weakest whenever I work out. 
I gave up on the first seconds. I thought, I would just take pictures and leave. I didn’t want to feel too sweaty. 
The second round was planking. That sounded pretty easy. I can do 1 minute of planking 🙂 
We did it for 3 repetitions of 30 seconds. 
This is how they encourage you to do more. Thumbs up! 
Very much like the hearts and likes in social media! Haha
The third stations asked us to do the Bear Walk. I thought I would stop because 
I don’t want to “sweat” too much. The whole session was so awesome and encouraging and I hate that I was thinking of my next events (distractions). I regret not completing this part. 
Then we did Squats. Breathe in when you go down 
and breath out when you go out (do it in your mouth).
When we had our short water break, everyone was sweating. 
I thought, heck, never mind the next event. I would do the next rounds. 
The Kettlebell Exercise asked us to bring two of these kettlebars and walked in 3 rounds. 
It is like as simple as walking. The final exercise was the Battle Rope. We were asked to make waves for 30 seconds in 3 repetitions while squatting. At the final round, I was already feeling weak. 

Whew! I was sweating non-stop and it felt good to sweat like that. While everyone complained about sore muscle, I felt like I had more energy to do more (but I know I would feel sore the following day – and I did).  Haha

We did cool down exercises after, and I realized we didn’t do warm up exercise (?!) before the session. That explained the torn muscles and sore feeling. Haha 
I personally want to continue the program. The next time I go, I’ll make sure I don’t have distractions like other commitments and events. And I’ll make sure I’ll bring my trainers 😉 
If you guys want to try Cross Fit or schedule a Trial, check out:

with CrossFit Survivors, Azrael, Myrns, Earth, Ruth Floresca, Rodel and FPJ 
with doods, Edu Manzano and Doc Dimaano Jr. 

Don’t forget to mark these dates for the Ensure Stay Strong Ensure Stay Strong Grip Strength Challenge. 

August 22 and 23 – Glorietta
August 29 and 30 Alabang Town Center
September 5 and 6 Trinoma
September 13 Alabang Town Center

Have you tried crossfit?
How do you build muscle?
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