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Cute and Durable Travel Bags from Kipling

August 17, 2015
Traveling in style doesn’t end with stylish bags, colorful luggage and cute accessories. A durable travel bag is one that can withstand long travels, timezone differences and stresses from the traveler. I found a bunch of colorful, cute and durable travel bags in different shapes and sizes at the newly opened Kipling store in SM Fairview.
The pristine white store makes the colorful bags stand out making it easy for shoppers to spot what they want and need. There are different bags sizes and styles but at the first scan of the store, I already know what I wanted (I’ll tell you more about it, keep scrolling!).

It was my first time inside a Kipling Store (to be honest) and it felt like inside a candy store adoring the yummy colored bags on display. Marjorie #WomaninDigital and I had a great time doing some fun OOTD while choosing the best bag that can fit our lifestyle. Kipling’s history started in 1987 when 3 designer friends discovered crinkled nylon fabric as perfect material for travel bag. Truly, the Kipling bags are so durable. I hear complaints from brand loyalists that they have Kipling bags which last for 10 years!
I was actually torn between getting a big bag or small bag. I want something that I can always use (especially Kipling bags don’t come cheap – the most affordable ones I have seen cost Php5,000). 
Here are some nice bags from Kipling that is perfect for travel/commute:
These drawstring bags can be perfect as hand carried bag. When you find yourself in Duty Free and you have lots of stuff that your normal carry-on cannot accommodate. 
These Kipling Shoulder Bags are nice for travel as you can keep it safe next to your body. 
These bags are useful for keeping your money and different currencies organized because of different slots. 
Kipling Wallets in Variety of Colors to keep your money and cards safe. 
And these cute backpacks are not just for kids! I seriously adore it and I thought I could wear it. I love backpacks because they free my hands and allow me to do other things – like take pictures esp when traveling 🙂
Now this is the ultimate, cutest travel bags! You know how all the luggage look the same in black color. I wrote a tip in this blog how to easily spot your luggage in a carousel. This cute orange Kipling luggage is just perfect for travels! Cuteness overload! 

With so many choices, I only have eyes on one bag design – the Kotral Messenger Bag!

They say it is a limited edition design. I love anything simple and I can easily match with my clothes. I also always bring a messenger/sling bag whenever I travel to keep my money, cards, camera, phones and other travel essentials. This bag can be used everyday too. 
I sure had a fun time with Marjorie as we travel and hop on our way to SM Fairview. 
Check out the newly opened Kipling Store at 2nd Level SM Fairview!

Do you have a favorite Kipling bag?
What kind of bag do you use when you travel?
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