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September 17, 2015

 Less than a minute is all the time you need to feel confident and sexy. 

Do it twice a week and you would feel you can do anything. 

I hate math, but when we talk about time, I am always very conscious. When I found out about this little secret to feeling sexy and boasting confidence, I enjoyed my time doing it (twice a week!). I know how busy people can get that sometimes we don’t even have time to groom our eyebrows and shave (hey guys!). Let me take 10 minutes of your time and share with you a secret on how to be and feel sexy. 
Back when I was in my teenage years, this was my definition of sexy. Anything red, sexy lingerie, red lipstick and perfect body. Cosmopolitan was my authority for anything related about women (don’t get me wrong I love and still love Cosmopolitan).

But these things are just pretty accessories (including the curves and abs) if you don’t feel clean inside. 
Imagine wearing a really nice dress, glam makeup and beautiful jewelry but you feel itchy and unclean inside, it would automatically drop your confidence level to zero. Just think of the time when you are feeling so hot and sweaty. Eiww. 
As a woman, we even deal with monthly period (and only a woman can understand a woman). Sometimes I felt that the PMS we experience is party because of the uncomfortable feeling and desire to always change to make us feel clean and confident. 
I have tried different feminine washes and even though they make me feel clean outside, I was not aware what it does inside my body. Thankfully, I was introduced to the Clean is the New Sexy Revolution by Betadine®

In this blog, I shared my first encounter with Betadine. I remember as a kid, a bottle of Betadine was always present at home for my sister and mom to use. I only knew then that I was not supposed to use it everyday, but it was only recently that I had come to understand why. It’s the doctor-trusted antiseptic feminine wash that protects women against feminine discomfort or irritation down there.  Betadine® also ensures that it does not interfere with the woman’s natural cleansing that’s why it is important to only use it twice a week or daily during menstrual period. 
So yes, I am using Betadine® Feminine Wash Twice a Week for me to feel clean and sexy inside. Here are more of the tips to strengthen that confidence.

* To clean and feed my soul I attend worship services twice a week.  No picture in the church 🙂

* To keep myself in shape, I also do work-out twice a week. Sometimes I just do it at home.

* To clean my body from toxins, I eat healthier food and juices twice a week. Usually, I do it on a weekend or during the days when I don’t have to go out.  To make me feel sexy, I make sure I don’t forget my skills so I try to practice them twice a week. Say, cooking!

* To have a sexy mind and clean understanding of new philosophies, I read books twice a week (at night). I also read about current events and issues to keep me posted on what’s happening around the world and how I can do to help in my own little way. I do engage with like-minded individuals. Follow me on twitter @ruthilicious

* To help me boost my confidence and strengthen my clean relationship with people who matter to me, I try to meet or connect with them twice a week. You know how friends would always have your back. You need their encouraging words to keep your confidence level at 10 🙂


Clean is definitely the new Sexy. I love campaigns that empower women to feel good about themselves no matter what age or shape they have.

What can you do when you are confident?

I personally feel that when you feel clean, you are confident no matter what you are wearing or doing.  And because I am clean and confident, I can do the things that I want to do and I am always ready to face every situation.

Be it – meeting tech giant executives
(watch the video and spot me!)

traveling alone with people from different countries. 

Three Years Ago #IBMCSC #TeamIndonesia3 from Ruth dela Cruz on Vimeo.

…getting close to a celebrity, 
(you cannot always be #pabebe)

...jumping off the plane 

…or just being yourself. 

Sexy is not just about red shoes, kissable lips and the curve. One can wear whatever she wants and can still be sexy. This pretty much sums up what I think of sexy now.  Yes, dream.

Irritation, uneasiness and infection may not be life-threatening but it is lifestyle-threatening.
Clean is the New Sexy – no matter where you are – land, sea or air 😉

How do you keep yourself feeling clean and sexy?

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