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Mojito Night at Shakey’s

September 20, 2015

It just occurred to me that I rarely drink alcohol now. So on a Friday Night, I started off with Mojito Party at Shakey’s!

We welcomed the two new additions to the Shakey’s Restaurant bar: Shakey’s Mojito and Frozen Margarita.

Shakey’s Mojito is a refreshing blend of soda and white rum with crushed mint leaves and cucumber. It is so refreshing and it doesn’t give a strong alcohol taste. Perfect for making memories with friends (and I mean endless talks and laughter). Mojito is one of my favorite cocktail drinks because it is light, refreshing and easy on tastebuds. I love that Shakey’s is introducing cocktails in their menu. You just literally need to stay after dinner and call the wait staff to give you the bar list. No need to hop to another bar for easy chill drinks. Shakey’s does know how to make memories fun and exciting for customers. 
Shakey’s is also giving the gents a license to enjoy a margarita with the new Frozen Margarita. Instead of serving it via a (sexy) margarita glass, Shakey’s margarita is served in a chilled mug. It is sweet and tangy blue lemonade crush with a perfect kick of premium Tequila.

To sizzle the night (and to complete the Shakey’s experience), we also had Spiced Chicken and Mojo’s! If you are like me who equates Shakey’s with pizza, chicken and mojo’s, then this new flavor is for you. The new spiced chicken is just perfectly flavored that even those who don’t like spicy food can embrace. The secret is the blend of pepper and spices which add an exciting twist to our old-time favorites. 

And when you are in Shakey’s, you don’t forget the pizza!
Angus Steak Pizza is one of my favorites because of the play on flavor and texture.

Cheers from friends!

Picture grabbed from #Nognoginthecity taken using Oppo smartphone.

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