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Imagine Dragons

September 2, 2015
Smoke, mirrors, lights and rockstars. It was an experience to witness Imagine Dragons perform live in Manila for the Smoke + Mirrors World Tour. 

 I got probably stuck with the old rock stars I grew up listening to. In my defense, I never listen to radio except if it is my friend who is on air, or if I am riding a cab. I never got hit by a radioactive.

Check out the IG video I posted during the opening. Note that there was no front-act.

A video posted by Ruth dela Cruz (@ruthilicious) on

I have listened to some of the Imagine Dragons songs but never got the chance to memorize them all (unlike most of the audience that night who were singing every song like it was their love national anthem). I could almost feel the emotion. I could feel the demons inside (and I say it in a positive note).

The shots from Lower Box seats looked so far from the fun scene.
I didn’t bring my camera. I am sorry...
So sitting in the sea of the fans and dragon worshipers, I felt I was on top of the world. It was like listening to Imagine Dragons for the first time. 
They have such energy and charm. Especially after the vocalist Dan Reynolds confessed at the start of the show that his best friend is Filipino. He tried his best to speak a few Tagalog terms and I heard the loudest cheer when he said “mahal ko kayo”. 

** I am writing this blog listening to their album again. 

Imagine Dragons has such amazing members. They are like warriors of the stage. I am not very familiar with the members – but the guitar solo was amazing! 
Why do I feel that it is one of the most peaceful rock events I have witnessed? Well, I love the amazing crowd. I was kind of worried when I saw there were a few open spaces in the arena but the fans started coming in past 9 (we came a little too early). Whenever I attend a concert, I never wanted the artist to feel disappointed. So yup, I screamed “moooore, morree!!!” after the final song and waited for them to come back for the encore. That was gold!

Thank you Music Management Inc, Nixon and Tricia!

Video from #nognoginthecity before the show!

Currently uploading the videos I have taken during the concert on my youtube channel.  I didn’t intend to record and was planning to just enjoy the show, but I am thinking of you all.  Just sharing the experience. So please visit. 

What’s your favorite Imagine Dragons song?

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