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#Beauty911 Kit

October 15, 2015
Something exciting came in the mail a few days ago. It is a #Beauty911 case from Cream Silk which is perfect for emergencies #anytimeanywhere to help us and keep us be the kikay ladies that we are. The personalized kit (oh, it has my name on it!) has everything a girl needs – things that one would never realize she needs until you are faced in such situation. 
Check out what’s inside..

A handy sewing kit! It is indeed sew-handy! It has clips, buttons, threads in different colors, needle and super cute scissors! Perfect for travel!
If you don’t have time to sew and fix your clothes, this double-sided tape is just perfect for keep your clothes from showing your bra or cleavage (yes, yes!) or keeping the hemline tucked. 
A medicine box is one we need when headache strikes or if we need a quick relief when we feel that colds and flu are coming. Even if I don’t much rely on medicine (I want natural healing :)) I always carry medicines whenever I travel because someone else might need them.
A tic-tac! When your dish doesn’t come with mint leaves and parsley for you to chew on after a meal, pop some tic-tac to keep the conversation going. Side story, this is the same Tic Tac flavor that I got in Guam when I had a comfort room emergency. I needed to use the washroom but the public pool that we visited had got its restroom all locked up. Our tourist guide suggested that I buy something from the store across the street and ask to use the washroom. I bought a Tic Tac! Haha Read more about my Guam adventures.
Oh, this Vaseline Lip Therapy is what I need regardless of cold or hot season!
.. and this Lovely Meex My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint is perfect at giving glow and color to our dull face 🙂 
Last but not the least, this Cream Silk Leave-on Conditioner is a real-life saver when our crowning glory has lost its shine and body. I remember bringing a bottle of this in my bag back when I was still studying. 
I have nails emergency 🙂
The environment that we live in can make our hair dull, frizzy, and rough. Sometimes, your hair cannot withstand the heat and the smoke – especially if you are out the whole day. A dollop of Cream Silk Leave on Conditioner is all you need to give it instant shine and body. 
Apply it #AnytimeAnywhere for instant gorgeous hair. That’s a #Beauty911 tip for you guys from the number 1 conditioner brand in the Philippines. 
Okay guys, I need to go because I have a global meeting to attend and it is going to be a full day for me covering events. Follow me @ruthilicious in social media for updates 🙂
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