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Benzac AC Gel Breaks the Acne Cycle and Bionic Zit!

October 12, 2015
Even at this age, I still encounter breakouts. Usually before my period or when I forgot to follow my skin regimen. A few nights ago, I have committed a beauty sin – I slept with my makeup on and I woke up with a bionic zit!
Thankfully, our friends from Benzac and Perkcomm has sent me a package to help me #BreaktheCycle and provide the quickest cure and solution to acne. 
Benzac, a global expert in anti-acne skin care has this super easy -to-apply gel that can cure acne in 48 hours!
You know that kind of pimple which is plump, red and can be bloody when you poke it! That’s the main character of the story. 
So on the first day, I immediately dab Benzac gel on the spot. I love that it is easy to apply and can be blended. My bionic zit is a painful one that I know can leave an insightly mark on my skin when I pop it. I resisted the urge and trusted Benzac to do the job. 
Unlike cleansers and other products that only work on the surface dirt and oil, Benzac AC Gel contains Benzoyd Peroxide that kils 94% of acne-causing bacteria. It works in 48 hours which lessens pimples inflamation and loosens blackheads and whiteheads. 
I started using Benzac on Friday morning. I was surprised that on the same day around afternoon – the pimple has started to flatten. 
I think it should be dabbed on the affected area twice daily – in the morning and at night. But I can be lazy at times. But hey it still worked!
Friday Afternoon – not even 12 hours after the first application
Saturday Morning – second day of using Benzac

Today, my pimple feels flat and painless!
I am really happy with the result!
I would really recommend this fast and effective gel to cure and treat acne and pimples. It is painless and easily accessible.
Thank you Benzac for helping me #BreaktheCycle!
The new Benzac AC Gel is now available over the counter at leading drugstores. 
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