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Mom and Daughter Bonding at Neo Day Spa, BGC

November 2, 2015
Mom and Daughter bonding at Neo Day Spa, BGC.

Back when I was still working, Monday was usually my date day with mom. We usually watch movie, eat out or just stroll around the mall. Now that I am doing full time blogging (and a few other things on the side – which I can’t disclose :p), our bonding days could be any day that I am home or free.
I have been wanting to bring her to a spa for a relaxation treat, but she would always refuse and tell me that she doesn’t have time – and time we need because we live kilometers away from decent spas in the Metro. Although we love massage services at home, I still wanted to bring her out for a different massage experience. I was inspired by #isjudytime when she treated her mom to a spa. 
Without consulting her, I booked a scheduled to a relaxing spa package in Neo Day Spa. It was perfect that we went earlier today (holiday!) and traffic was not so bad. Thank you Universe. The day started with less stress.
When we arrived, I was surprised to see the facade looking more like a furniture store more than a spa. I love the shades of gray, minimalist feel and modern architectural design.
We were booked with Zen Spa package. The description says:

P 2,950 (approx.
Our signature spa package, your choice of a Zen Body Treatment
 followed by our Zen Bodywork 

We were first asked to choose our scrubs and massage oils.

I am not much of a fan of ginger but for some reason its scent worked like a love potion, I had to pick it for mom – especially they say it is  good for blood circulation. I chose the lemongrass scrub. For massage oil, I chose wood and metal for mom. 
Off we went to the second floor, it was like visiting a museum. We were escorted to the common washroom. There’s a shower area, toilet area, sauna and lockers. I love that everything is pristine clean. The lockers have fresh towels, robe and disposable undies.
I love our room which is dim with well-monitored temperature. The bed has fresh towels and plastic for the scrub. Mom was a bit hesitant because she is having difficulty to move around or lay down or lay on her stomach. Thankfully, her masseuse, Essel, is so patient and accommodating – assisting her with every move. 
My mind was half focused on her which is perfectly fine – I want to make sure that #MotherDear was comfortable and having a great time. 
I loooove the body scrub. I could almost feel the scrub flaking out every dead skin cell in my body. At one point, I thought she was scrubbing too hard that I worry about scratches in my legs, but I know she knows what she is doing (trust is a wonderful thing!). I told my mom we were being prepared as dinner for tonight. Haha.  I know I  would have a new, radiant skin after the scrub. After the scrub, they wrapped us in the plastic for 15 minutes – and when we took a quick rinse, my skin felt so velvety smooth. I was ready for the massage!
The massage is one of the best I had. 
Can I just end my post with that statement? 
I love the scent of the oil that I chose. It filled the room with relaxing scent. It was all going well and just when I was in the state of relaxation – I felt that I needed to pass gas. They say it was a complement to the therapist, but I had to excuse myself and went to the toilet. Haha. 
Everytime I go for a massage, I always crave for that feeling of pain and pleasure – especially at the back. I could feel the pain but part of me wanted the therapist to just stay there and keep kneading until I was all torn and sore. 
For  my mom, I had to ask her therapist to be a little extra careful. Mom has painful joints and she might not like the pressure. She complained about the last home service so I wanted her to have a better time with Neo Day Spa.
.. well, she did have an awesome time. She told me that she felt lighter and she can walk less painfully after the massage. As for me, it was one of the most relaxing 2.5 hours of my life. 
At the end of the session, we had warm tea – I requested for Ginger Lemon Tea! It was the best tea flavor next to Chai Tea. 
Thank you so much Nikki of for the recommendation! 
Looks like we need to go back next month because I think I just converted my mom to a spa addict! 
I wish I could bring mom to all my adventures. But I know she would play the protective mother and prevent me from doing things. Anyway, I love chill moments like this with her. Thank you for today. 🙂 
Check out Neo Day Spa for relaxing services that fit your needs at 

What bonding moments do you love doing with your mom? 

Neo Day Spa
26th Street Corner 3rd Avenue 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
(02) 815 6948

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