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Sexy Slumber Party with Jessy Mendiola

November 11, 2015
avon jessy mendiola
An eventful day yesterday was ended with a fun and sexy slumber party hosted by Avon at Discovery Primea to launch the new Sheer Passion Fragrance. 
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When we entered the function room, it was like walking in a bridal shower setup with warm lights,  pillows, and everything sexy.  Too bad my phone went dead on me – I would have wanted to capture my every walking moment of it. 
We were escorted in the changing room where we got to pick our sexy satin robes. It was funny when we picked all the same color – purple! Ana and I had a short fun shoot pretending we were brides. Haha. 
While waiting for the event to start, we treated ourselves with mocktails especially concocted for the event. I loved the Strawberry-Lemonade drink! We also enjoyed the food while listening to smooth music. 
avon jessy mendiola
Thank you Ana for the lovely pictures!
When the event started, we heard a knock on the door..
and.. TENEN!!
avon jessy mendiola
avon jessy mendiola
avon jessy mendiola
Jessy Mendiola joined us!
She’s fun and bubbly! I never expected her to be really engaging. She shared with us how she started as an Avon model for Missy. She said that Avon is a family and she’s forever grateful to be part of the company for women. 
She truly represents the new Avon Scents which are fun, sexy and unpretentious.
Avon, the number one fragrance brand in the Philippines, introduces Sheer Passion, a new collection of must-have sexy fragrances for every woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. 

“The light captivating scent of Sheer Passion is the embodiment of the modern confident Filipina who is determined to make a mark yet does not lose her sense of fun and playfulness. This woman is assertive but in an engaging appealing way.The collection comes in three sexy variants perfect for the different personalities and moods of every Filipina”- Jean Reyes, Avon Philippines Director for Marketing. 

We were asked to choose which scent we best loved and I was torn because they are all smelling good and fun. But my senses were drawn to the Sheer Passion So Alluring. 

After choosing our scents, they shared the characteristics of each scent. 
They say So Alluring is fun (that’s me!) and has a mysterious side (oohhh… that’s me! you know I don’t always give away everything about me. Haha). and I hashtag that #payummy
Shen said, “her favorite hashtag #payummy”
Jessy retored “pabebe ba?”
.. and I was like “yeah..” (pouting and batting eyelashes with the jiggles of shoulders).
And Jessy jiggled her shoulders too!

I really love how Jessy connects with her audience. She knows the brand, she’s proud to be part of the Avon family and she just enjoys herself in front of the giggly girls in the room. I am an instant fan!
avon jessy mendiola
We then played a game where we got to choose our moves based on the situation.
I know that the damsel in distress role always works for me. #whatruthwantsruthgets 
Just like Jessy, I just laugh off any misadventures I encounter. 
As she puts it “Happy Girls are Sexy Girls”

The new Avon Sheer Passion Collection consists of 3 scents:

Simply TemptingMists of sparkling caja, mango blossom and bland wood. It has a citrusy explosive top note.The body is floral, fresh, airy and light.
So AlluringIt has magnificent floral and oriental charm. A mix of fruits brings contrast between fresh sweetness of the Persian limeand the juicy freshness of Mandarin. Velvety peach and feminine.
Very CaptivatingIt is full of feminity with modern interpretation of floralaldehydric accord, with luxurious and refined flowers and delicate touch of velvet fruity rested on sensual, radiant and creamy oriental base. 

Before the event ended, there was another knock on the door and there came gifts from Avon Philippines!
Sweet (and sexy!)
Barkada Pic with Jessy Mendiola!
avon jessy mendiola
I had so much fun with these girls – Shen, Earth, Ana and Ava!
and Jessy too!
Avon’s Sheer Passion fragrances will be available nationwide starting November 15th. Call your Avon Lady or download the Avon app available in Google Play and Apple App.
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