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Azalea Boracay

December 20, 2015
What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay. But I am sharing everything here. Or maybe not.
What really happened during the first night in Azalea Boracay during the #AzaleaGroupGetaway.

One of my favorite timelines when traveling is the first night. Usually it is when your excitement level is at 10! You can totally be wasted and tire yourself to death – then find yourself crawling in your bed (that is of course, provided that you don’t have an early call time the following day).

We traveled via Air Asia. You can read my story here and Anagon’s story. 
Our #AzaleaGroupGetaway is one of the bests and chill travels I ever experienced. Truly it is the people that you are with that make it a lot more fun and the little details that make your stay and travel less stressful.
The team actually made our flight earlier (we were originally scheduled to arrive in the evening) so we can do more activities and enjoy the island.
But, for the first time in my travel history, I felt like staying in the room and dismissing the island activities. 
There was something inviting about the LCD TV and the comfy sofa couch that were waiting for us. Thankfully, my roomie Rodel always brings movies to watch during his travels.

First movie: we joined PAN in Neverland! 
Spoiler: What a surprise to find out that Captain Hook and Peter were once friends 🙂

I know I am not the only one who enjoy movie marathons. My friends and I were even planning of booking a hotel just for a sweet staycation just to do movie marathon (we just couldn’t find the perfect weekend for all us). I see it like a luxury. Luxury for me is something that I cannot afford to do because of lack of time and opportunity. Just like I treat sleeping at night a luxury when I was still working in the corporate.
And luxury I found in Azalea Boracay. This sounded too cliche but I super enjoyed just lounging and being lazy in the room and watching movie. It would have been perfect with pizza or chips (but we were still feeling full that evening from the lunch that we had from Kuya J’s).

Okay, I can’t believe we didn’t have a pic enjoying the movie? We so much enjoyed the time that we forgot about recording memories (!!!)

Our call time for dinner was at 8 pm at the roof deck of Azalea Boracay. I totally forgot that it was Rodel’s first non-work trip to Boracay. I should have invited him to explore the beach outside. I got so hypnotized with how chill the room was. In my defense, he seemed content with our evening plan too. We still had an hour to waste so we decided to watch A Second Chance.
Spoiler: How irrational guys can be? :p

Anyway, at the roof deck of Azalea Boracay, the fun continued.
But first, we took the time to appreciate the roof deck pool.
It has lights that change color. So inviting. We didn’t miss the chance to “experience” it. But that would be up on a separate blog.
They set up a videoke and dining table for us complete with butler service 🙂
Well, it seemed that we had a good mix of talented singers and talented audience. Haha
The boys did enjoy the sets while the girls enjoyed snapchatting and taking videos. 
The Boy Band Duo 
I know these boys can sing, but it was a revelation to hear Pax’s voice! Yehes!!!
We love the creative ways of how we they saved their faces before hitting the high tones. I always do audience participation (the rare times I sing)  but the winner of the night was Myke Soon (Lavigne)! (hello Myke, mic test?
It was even more fun when the Korean guests got curious with our party and started crowding around our table (in their swimming attire – how awkward!). They were probably silently cheering for Mr. Soon! Haha.
We sure had a blast that night! Now you understand where the typhoon came from?
PS. Before the #AzaleaGroupGetaway, I already got notified about the Tropical Depression Melor because I received email notification from Weather Philippines. How funny that the typhoon was named Melor (too close to our Bora Bear Melo) 

If it is your first night in Boracay, I would suggest:

Buying drinks (hey there’s Cali Shandy for those who don’t drink) and chips from Budget Mart and staying outside the shore line (take a dip)
and enjoy the stars and the dark sea. It is surreal to be in between the stars and dark sea. It makes me wonder what’s in the world down there.  I kinda miss my Bora Babes – Krissy and Tita Sarah. Sending my love and peace to these girls!

Or… you can join the party in Epic Bar or basically grab a drink and people watch.

If you are the tita-type, have coffee at Cafe del Sol and (still) people watch.

It was a peaceful and relaxing night for me. I drowned myself to the comfy bed after taking hot bath. 
The following morning, we received a #goodweird news.

Last night. After Karaoke and some beers. 🙂 These guys will be extending their stay for another day because of the typhoon! 🙂
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… to be continued.
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