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Our Suite Room in Azalea Boracay

December 18, 2015
azalea boracay group getaway

I traveled to Boracay this December for #AzaleaGroupGetaway. I shared a room with a guy in Azalea Boracay, but I still got my privacy.

Travel events and familiarization tours are fun! I have been invited to several events which involve traveling, but the reality of it: sometimes you have to share room with someone you didn’t know or just met. 
It is perfectly okay if you are with your blogger friends, but sometimes it can still be very awkward. There are things that you prefer to do on your own. Little secrets that you don’t want others to know. Hmmm…
Last Sunday is one of those events. I traveled from Manila to Boracay with blogger friends! Yay! 
And guess who I shared room with – the Nognog in the City! 

azalea boracay group getaway

Anyway, this hotel review is for friends and families who want to share a room and still keep their privacy.
Before we get to the room, let’s talk about the arrival first..
azalea boracay group getaway

We landed safely in Kalibo after the 40-minute plane ride. Azalea Boracay arranged the transportation for us. For those who are traveling from Kalibo, you can rent and ride vans in Kalibo going to Caticlan. Land travel is around 2 hours.
Picture from the OutofTownBlog 🙂
Boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay Island is a quick 10 minute ride. I was in Boracay last month and I was quite surprised with how quickly they changed the rules of the boat – well, mainly, they ask all the passengers to wear life vest and register at the Manifesto before sailing.

azalea boracay group getaway

azalea boracay group getaway

Look what greeted us upon stepping out of the boat! 
After a total of 5 hours, we finally arrived in our home in Boracay – the Azalea Hotels and Residences in Boracay. 

The iconic Azalea globe greeted us. Half of the building is still under construction but it is still a beautiful hotel. I can’t wait to get inside and explore the rooms. 
I have seen previous posts from blogger friends about the hotel, but I chose not to read or research about it because I want everything to be a surprise for me.
This wall reminded us of #ArtsyAva Hi Ava!
Truly, a warm surprise – we were welcomed with pearl necklace, refreshing cold iced tea and hot towel for freshening up.  I love the simple modern design. White walls, warm colors and not-too-intimidating interior but still classy and well-kept.

I love the reception area that is cozy with couches and tables. To get to the rooms, you have to go outside on the other side and walk down the green grass. If you think of it, it is a simple thing but it makes the whole experience relaxing.

Guam-y Bear Myke arrived in almost the same uniform as the Azalea Boracay staff! Haha
Lesson: always check the staff’s uniform before traveling. But hey, he’s cool about it! Haha

The Azalea Boracay Room
Welcome to our room at the Azalea Boracay! We stayed in a two-bedroom apartment style room.

The room key is something different and innovative. Instead of using a Vhing Card, we were given bracelet which works as a room key. You might have probably seen us in our pictures wearing this. I love it because it is waterproof. I tend to always misplace my room card key so I prefer this one. 🙂 

Welcome note. It is just fun to see your name printed. Haha

It is an apartment style room with two separate bedrooms. I got to stay in the master’s bedroom with its own bathroom inside.

This is Rodel’s room. Spot him doing the blogger thing outside.
My room – masters’s bedroom has flat iron, safety box, hair dryer and fresh towels and toiletries. More importantly, there’s Hot and Cold shower. The only thing missing (for my convenience) is the bidet. But that’s a minor observation. It is a good decision for me to travel light because I have everything I need in Azalea Boracay. 
The room has a receiving area with huge LCD TV, a kitchen complete with cooking equipment from microwave oven, pots and pans, cutlleries and plates (individually wrapped). There’s a four-seater dining table with very comfy chairs. 

We received a basket of welcome fruits which we enjoyed munching during lazy times.
azalea boracay group getaway
Something happened on this area on the first night! I’ll share with you on the next post!

You can find the usual amenities in the room – there’s a fully stocked minibar. We got 4 complementary bottled water as the room is good for 4 pax. We have supplies of coffee, tea, sugar and creamer. When I asked for more, the housekeeping gave us a full basket. 🙂  
The bed is comfy. I can literally drown in it. There are soft pillows and throw pillows in matching colors. Both rooms have TV inside and an access to a separate veranda (for smokers). 
azalea boracay group getaway
azalea boracay group getaway
Hello Rommie! 
There’s a wifi connection in every room which is perfect for connecting to social network and sending emails or blogging.

Someone is surprised and impressed with how light my #Yoga3Pro is! Haha

azalea boracay group getaway
Here I was, working on a blog post about our Air Asia flight en route to Boracay!
From this picture you can see what happened last night. 🙂 

It felt like staying in the Big Brother House!

In case you are wondering how the other rooms look like, let me share with you some pictures from our room tour!

Deluxe Hotel Room
30 sqm – 2 double sized beds – sofa bed – Cable TV – Living, Dining, and Kitchen facilities
Rates: Php 7,500 (July-October) | 8,500 (April-June) | 9,500 (November-March) | 11,000 (Holidays / Long Weekends)

One Bedroom Suite

45 sqm that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids or 3 adults.
 Masters’ Bedroom with 1 king sized bed – sofa bed – Cable TV – Living, Dining, and Kitchen facilities

Rates: Php 8,500 (July-October) | 9,500 (April-June) | 10,500 (November-March) | 12,000 (Holidays / Long Weekends)

Two Bed Room Apartment Suite 
(scroll up for the pictures from our room!)

60 sqm  that can accommodate 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2 kids. 
Masters’ Bedroom with 1 king sized bed and private bathroom – Cable TV – Guest Room with 1 king sized bed and Cable TV – Living, Dining, and Kitchen facilities – 1 common bathroom – sofa bed.

Rates: Php 15,000 (July-October) | 16,000 (April-June) | 17, 000 (November-March) | 18, 500 (Holidays / Long Weekends)

Three Bed Room Apartment Suite
72 sqm that can accommodate 6 adults, 2 kids / 8 adults

One (1) king-sized bed +Four (4) double beds + One (1)Convertible Sofa Bed
Rates: Php 20,000 (July-October) | 21,000 (April-June) | 22,000 (November-March) | 23,500 (Holidays / Long Weekends)

The Food

Before checking in, Azalea Boracay prepared a sumptuous lunch for us via Kuya J’s Restaurant which is located at the ground floor of the hotel. 
It was my first time to eat at Kuya J’s and we got to try  the best of the restaurant. 
The desserts are the bomb! We had suman with mango, Tablea Leche Flan and Halo Halo Turon. 

Guests who are staying in Azalea Boracay can also get their breakfast at Kuya J’s Restaurant. You will be given a Breakfast Coupon upon check-in and you just need to present it. 
Breakfast is nothing extravagant. Just good enough to fill the stomach with the usual longganisa, corned beef and egg selections. There’s no bacon though. But it is still perfect for grabbing quick meal in your pajamas. 
The Service
I love personalized service and attention to details. Azalea Boracay knows how to take care of their guests. From the arrival to the check out process. 
Let me share my experiences:
I called the Front Desk to ask if there is a store in the hotel or near the hotel where I can buy something I really need that night. Instead of just pointing me to the store, they offered to send a concierge to buy the stuff for me. It was delivered to my room. I was pleasantly surprised because I was working on something that night and I didn’t want to be disturbed or troubled to go out. I was told that Azalea wishes to provide a Butler Service to the guests which I very much appreciate.
Okay, guests who are staying, please do not abuse this kind of service and always be gracious. 🙂
When we experienced a power interruption because of the typhoon, housekeeping immediately came in our room to check the connection and make sure that our wifi was working.
On the first night, we were given treats and weather forecast as part of the turndown service. On the second night, we didn’t receive any. I found out that our room was on DND (DO NOT DISTURB) mode so they decided not to disturb us. Haha. But, they still gave me treats (just because I want to take a picture of it!). In Azalea Boracay, there’s no need to hang card to request makeup room or place DND mode. You just have to switch the lights inside the room (err.. forgot to take pictures of it).

Grabbed from Anagon 🙂

I really love turndown service because not a lot of hotels offer such. I appreciate the weather forecast too. 🙂  
Now, this is the turn down service on our last night. We got a special box of cookies and a massage in our room! Massage services can be arranged per guest’s request.
I love that they nicely put my ultrabook which I just carelessly left on my bed 🙂

I still received #bloggermails even in Azalea. Just notes and reminders before our check-out time the following day.

The Verdict:

The room is a bit pricey for a hotel but with its facilities and kind of service that they offer, it is all worth it. I noticed that most of the occupants are tourists and in groups. The rooms are perfect for families and friends who want to stay in a comfortable hotel with good facilities but don’t want to spend too much.

Our room can accommodate up to 6 adults. You can check the price of the hotel here depending on the season.

Curious what happened on the first night?
I am breaking the rule of what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay..

… to be continued.

Check out more pictures at #azaleagroupgetaway #azaleaboracay #airasiainboracay

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