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Should Have Been Page 1 of 366

January 4, 2016

Should Have Been Page 1 of 366 Days of 2016.

I officially extended the holidays. Should I blame that “new year” fell on a Friday and I felt that I needed to wait for Monday (today!) to start doing the things that I needed to do.
In my defense, I started with de-cluttering my room. I was quite successful but there are just things that I find too hard to let go. Memories, things that bring back good memories, that kind of spark joy and make me happy. I tried following the Konmari Method. You should too.
I hate that I found free time to “feel” my feelings. I hate that I got the time to get bored and started stalking people. I need to keep myself busy. When I am busy I don’t have the time to feel mad, envious, jealous and worried. 
There is just something about the “extended” holiday that make me just want to stay a bit longer in my bed (especially after the clean up) and there is absolutely something about my new laptop that makes me just want to browse and browse, and sleep.
I should be creating contents now; but I am somehow enjoying myself wasting my time reading and appreciating contents created by other people. I wish I have their talent – drawing, sketching, editing videos, singing (?). Last year, I created so much contents for other people that I missed out on creating contents that I like love.  I am happy that I have the “extended” holiday to think about my feelings and write about them in this blog.
You don’t read this kind of entry in this site; but hey, I like it.
How’s the page 1 of your 366?

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