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Holidaze + The Letter I Wrote to Myself Last Year

December 30, 2015
Holidaze + The Letter I Wrote Myself Last Year 

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The days after Christmas and before New Year are the days when I find the time to think, do more of the things I love, spend time at home, be with family (or friends) de-clutter and/or just be lazy.
This is only time of the year when I get to think about my life and my (game)plans (because I just let life surprise me everyday). 
It is the time to look back at the year that was. I cannot be thankful enough for the blessings and adventures of 2015. I remember what I wrote myself last year – I was worried of the future. 
It’s been an annual thing for me, at the start of the year or before the year ends, I write myself a letter and I read it a year after. 
Here’s what I wrote myself:
Dear Ruth, 

For the first time in your xx years, you become scared of the future. 

I know 2014 has been so awesome – so many changes, so many happy memories and so many great surprises. 

Just keep the faith and continue doing what you love.

I hope you will finish your travel blog soon (yup! starting my stories!), and get that body back (I failed!).

I understand why you miss working and saving which have become your lifestyle. I wish you a job that you can do well and you would enjoy.

Aim high. You will go places!



I understand why I was scared of 2015. I always worry about not having the most awesome year (because 2014 was so amazing). But 2015 has been all good. Indeed, I was able to go places  – I got to visit Beijing again and explore Guam. I finally got to start writing about my previous travels (I am happiest when I talk about travels!). Funny that I mentioned about job, when I didn’t even plan of looking for one and I don’t really think I need a regular job now. I am enjoying the things that I do.  I received so much blessings that most I haven’t really asked for.
Year 2015 also presented me with my wildest dream. I wish I could talk more about it and share with you, but this is one of the best memories that I want to keep to myself (and share only with the people who are close to me). Dreams do come true (or should I say #whatRuthwantsRuthgets ?). It was ironic that when I know the dream is happening in my real world, I was wishing for it to not happen – because I know I would have a hard time to decide – if I really want it or not. Anyway, I made my decision based on what is the right thing to do.

This year brought me back the people I thought I lost in my life. I also met new friends (witty, insightful and the weirdos) who I got to connect with. 

There are only a few hours before the year ends. While everyone (in my timeline) is promising themselves to “level up” for 2016, my only (game)plan is to continue doing what I love and staying original and #goodweird. Happy New Year!

 PS. Thank you for being a part of my 2015. Thank you for following my adventures. Thank you for supporting and trusting this blog. Thank you for keeping me on Top 10 of Personal Blogs in the Philippines (for 5 consecutive months since my first entry to  and on Top 100 for overall category. Thank you!!  

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