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Insider’s Report: Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain #LenovoMWC

February 29, 2016
From Manila to Barcelona, I traveled xx hours to attend the Mobile Word Congress.
Covering for #lenovomwc #mwc16, check out my tech discoveries and fun adventures during the event.

Read Day 0: En Route to Barcelona

Mobile World Congress for Team #LenovoMWC was packed with tech access, executive interviews and lots of adventures. We always started our day at 8:30 in the morning to head to Gran Fira,  Mobile World Congress 2016 venue – a good 15-minute drive from our hotel.

Lost girl in a tech, tech world! 

All cars, cabs and bus services were headed to Mobile World Congess. I am not the most techy girl in my own universe, but I was excited to witness and be part of such a big tech event. Have I mentioned that people from all over the world have traveled to Barcelona to be part of MWC? 
When I arrived on Sunday, there was a long queue to the Badge Collection. Weeks before I flew in, we already made the registration online. Security was strict but everything was organized. Men in black and suit are everywhere. Everyone looked like an executive.

On our first day, Rika and I tried periscope. I first went live en route to Barcelona but for some reason, my first broadcast didn’t went through. I have been wanting to try periscope since we attended #LenovoTechWorld (thank you to my coco girl @xoxolizza!). The app is however, dependent on good internet connection.  If you want to see some of my broadcasts, you can check me @ruthilicious.

We did a lot of walking to locate the Lenovo booth.  When we got to the booth, I saw a lot of tech writers, vloggers and journalists doing their first impression reviews on the Lenovo and Moto products.

We spotted the vibrant, youthful and colorful booth. It did standout from the rest of the brands’  who opted for minimalist design of black and white. Some created a nice play on colors. What’s so awesome about the Lenovo booth? We got a funky hall inside with function rooms, work area and cocktail setup for socializing. Love it! (+ the social wall was there so all the netizen who tweeted and posted with the #lenovomwc hashtag can see their post up in the wall – as John mentioned, we were trending! Haha Our pictures were all over the wall). 

Even the food and drinks are soooo Lenovo! Colorful and yummy!
We got canapes, sandwiches, sweets and drinks. One would never feel hungry, but for some reason I never felt “that” hungry during the 4-day event. I missed my rice though 🙂

The Cool Stuff from Lenovo Booth and Mobile World Congress

Moto Phones
Moto phone which has probably been dropped and dunked under the water over thousand times during the Mobile World Congress are two of my favorites from the booth (add the sweet and nice Lenovo girls manning the booth! I love them!) = we got the coolest presentation show! I love my Vibe Shot but I need a Moto phone that I can take to my adventures. It can take selfie underwater and can stay for 30 minutes. How awesome is that?

The Yoga Laptops 

I love my Yoga 900 but when I got to hold the new Yoga 710 (11) I felt that I needed it in my life! It is light, easy to carry and flexible. 
The Project Tango
Everyone is talking about Project Tango during the event. Lenovo and Google teamed up to come up with such a smart app that undestands space and motion. A bit too techy for me but simply put, if you want to navigate in a museum, you can do so via GPS with Project Tango. 🙂 

The K5 Phone 
I got a chance to talk to Atish, Product Marketing Lead for Vibe Phones and if you want to know more about this new phone, just click Play below!

What’s new at Intel?

We visited Intel’s booth and got to check and try the Intel Real-Sense Technology (which we also featured in Lenovo Tech World) + the awesome drone camera with real-time video feature:

(1) Fun Intel mascot !!! (2) Jon from Intel is a Philippine lover! He takes diving and just loves the Philippine marine life! 


We checked out what’s new at gaming from Evozon

IBM Watson!

Geeking out with IBM Watson 🙂

VIP Access!!!
Call me a Lenovo Superfan (well I am!). I am all Lenovo products – my phone, my tablet and my laptop. The best thing about it? Well, we even got the chance to talk to key people from Lenovo. 
On the first day, we got to talk to David Roman (who even said, he loves my camera!). I got the chance to ask him how they decide which innovation to launch (because as you know, Lenovo is launching a lot of different products every year!). He said that they want to focus on introducing 4 products each year. What are those? Keep following @lenovo for updates.

Picture by @johnpolanco

On our second day, we got to meet YY. Lenovo’s CEO. He’s such a cool guy and so approachable. I never realized I would have the chance to meet him and talk to him. I remember back in #LenovoTechWorld, he was such a rockstar!

Picture by @lenovo

We also got the chance to meet Xudong, Lenovo’s VP for Mobile and he was so cool showing us a video of Lenovo’s CEO playing augmented reality. He’s so fun! I asked him what’s his favorite mobile feature and he said it is the long battery life. I so agree. During Mobile World Congress, it was the first time I ever relied on a powerbank because there’s so much to share and capture. You didn’t want to miss it out! He showed his Vibe phone which has a super feature of boosting its battery capacity to up to 80%!

On Day 2 of Mobile Word Congress, we got to meet with Peter Hortensius. It is probably every geek guy or tech babe’s dream. When asked about how technology looks like in 10 years, he said if he could predict and create it,  he could just sit and relax. But one interesting thing he said is, computer cannot be replaced. With all the new gadgets which are being introduced – we would still rely on the good old computer and the things that we own today.

Connie welcomed us on our last day with a fun talk and demo of Lenovo Apps! I love Lenovo Apps because it makes my life easier. I particularly love ShareIt which allows me to transfer files from phone to laptop in seconds/minutes. Currently, they are making improvements on the apps to make it more secured (the most important thing!).

Picture by @johnpolanco
Picture by @thedealmatch

I remember when I used ShareLink by Asus back when #RuthGoestoCebu. There were so many people using the same phone that they lent us and I was trasnferring files and I accidentally hit the wrong phone which transferred my file to another unknown phone. I never want that to happen. Lenovo is ahead of it and making sure that apps are secured and file transfers are encrypted.

 When we went outside, we were even joined in by the Apps Robots! It felt like party everyday in the Lenovo booth.

Moto Bloggers’ Event

How cool it is to attend a blogger’s event in Spain? It was amazing! The best part? We got to #tweetnmeetrick! I love how Moto Spain hosted the event – organized and intimate. We started on time and we were given 15 minutes to check out all the stations and talk to key people.

I love the Moto Wearables – especially the one with boyfriend watch strap and the very feminine double strap watch. It doesn’t look like an Android Watch.

with Motorola President Rick Osterloh

How Lenovo Does Events? Spell FUN!
When we had a briefing call for #LenovoMWC before our flight, I got totally excited with the itinerary. Because…. Lenovo didn’t just planned out meetings and tech work for us, but they made sure that we would have fun.

Go Car Talking Tour!

On our second day, we had a fun tour around the city via Go Car Talking Tour! Before the tour, we had a quick briefing about Gaudi (as projected via Lenovo Yoga 3 Tablet). We drove around the city (well, actually the boys drove around the city) and we visited awesome Gaudi artwork! He’s the best example of #goodweird man. A little art trivia for you guys – Gaudi started working with curves and forms while everyone on his age were working on fine lines. People find it weird but he was actually using a mathematical system to produce such work of art which are all over Barcelona.

We want more product shots!!! Haha

Born to Cook Cooking Workshop

What is traveling without good food? Well, the best part of #RuthGoestoSpain for #LenovoMWC, we got to cook our own food! Yup! Born to Cook welcomed us with cocktails and ingredients to play with. We got to cook paella, some fancy salad and starters. The place is actually an old house where Columbus used to live. We used the Lenovo Yoga 3 Tablet to project the recipe. Cheers!

EMEA Cocktail Party!

We joined in the EMEA Party and I did a little show there 😉

I always love how Lenovo do events. Every small detail counts – from design to name of cocktails. I had Vibe-tini!

MWC Cool Souvenirs: Android Pins!!!

Check out these Android Pins that one can collect from different booths in Mobile World Congress! We saw a bunch trading their duplicate pins! I wish I had the time to collect all of them! Haha

The people I shared #RuthGoestoSpain with for #LenovoMWC

I love flying solo but not totally traveling alone. This is the nth time I am doing this with people from all over the world. Although I know how to have fun wherever I am, it is always the people I met and I was with that made traveling a lot more exciting!

#LenovoMWC crew is consist of:

YZ from SG. Super cool gal with funky hair and fierce aura 🙂

Allan from Brazil! This guy loves his meat and ham! Super chill even if we got lost around the city. Haha
The lover boy John Polanco from Dominican Republic. We love to have him around because he speaks Spanish. Super tough guy with mellow heart 🙂
Thomas from Germany. This guy knows his beer! He is a Thinkpad superfan and love his gadgets!
Rika from San Diego, USA. She’s born in Indonesia (love Indonesia!). I learned a lot from her from fitness, social media, health and food! Most of the pictures in this blog were taken by her. Thank you love!!!
Miguel from the Spanish Forum. Thank you for the tip about the Barcelona Bus Tour! I am envious of your Android Pin Collection!!!
I also got to connect with people who I previously met in previous Lenovo events. 
We had Miran (who still has no Facebook). This guy made #RuthGoestoLondon more fun! 
Stuart ! So nice to see him and hear his accent again! He told me he doesn’t like photos but he did this for me! Loooove you!!!
Joe – whom I got the #shootmewith series inspo from! #shootmewithvibexruth

Gavin! One of my favorite tech and social media guys!
Tay, tay, Taylor! 😉 Thank you for spending your night with us! Love your stories! 
The awesome EMEA team and infuencers!!!
…and the people from the Lenovo booth – executives, Lenovo staff, video crew, booth exhibitors and all the Spanish people we met and encountered. They are all nice and friendly! I love Barca! You guys are all amazing! Thank you for making #RuthGoestoSpain #RuthGoestoBarcelona awesome!
 Thank you so much Lenovo and Lenovo Philippines for letting me do things I love. 

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Next post will be about my Barcelona City Tour! 
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