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Barcelona Solo Travel: Day 0 #RuthGoestoBarcelona

February 25, 2016
It all started with a question, “Ruth, do you want to go to Barcelona?”
My heart did a sommersault. I quickly replied – “Who doesn’t want to go to Barcelona?”.
.. and who doesn’t want to go to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress?

After a month, a struggling application in Spanish Embassy in Manila and a lot work juggling and planning between #HarryBirthdayRuth and #RuthWantstogotoBarcelona, I finally made it in Spain!
Typing this entry from Barcelona, Spain. I want to tell you my stories en route to Barcelona, Spain.

I flew solo once again. I kind of got used to it, and I love the idea of being on my own and exploring things. The only downside, there’s no one to take your pictures. 🙂

I usually fly via Philippine Airlines but KLM did not disappoint. I love their customer service. I had a quick layover in Taipei and then the 13-hour flight to Amsterdam started. In the middle of the flight, we encountered turbulence as if we were driving on a rough road.

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KLM has designated screens for seats but I came prepared with movies. Thank you Rodel! But before I even get to the first movie, the first USB I got has clips from my birthday party. it was fun remembering how crazy and magical it was. I was enjoying it too much that I even laughed so loudly when I was watching the Best in Costume part. That was embarrassing – especially when you are in a plane – and traveling alone. I even transferred to the row infront of us because the flight was not full  en route to Taipei. It is always good to have the whole row all by yourself 🙂

It was my first time to travel with my Yoga 900 and I love how flexible it is. I remember when PAL lend iPads to passengers and they just cannot make it stand 🙂

I did come prepared for the flight with my Lenovo Phablet that I loaded with ebooks.

I had a quick layover in Amsterdam. I thought I would have the time to explore the airport, but it was so big. The 1 hour layover may not be enough for me to finish Immigration and get to my gate. I had to make sure I get to the right gate because every minute counts.

I requested for a window seat en route to Barcelona from Amsterdam. I want to see how beautiful Spain is from above

Terminal 3 is such a busy airport. It must have been because of the Mobile World Congress. Men in suit and tie were all waiting in the Arrival Area holding cards with names of their guests and the company they are representing. I had a little hard time locating my driver. When I finally found him, it was time to pick up my badge. Long queue was waiting for me…

Tech geeks, executives, journalists were lining up in the Badge Collection. It was a smooth line and everything was organized, but then.. they handed me my badge and it says “IBM”.

It seemed that the app pulled in the information from my Linked In account. I had to line up to another queue to get it sorted. Can I tell you now how friendly and nice Spanish people are? They are. I love them!

Anyway, it took me an hour to get things sorted then it was time to see Barcelona!

Abba Sants Hotel was my home for 3 days. It is a business hotel but I found #goodweird things inside it – like, there is no flat iron but just a pressing machine for trousers. I didn’t press my clothes because I don’t want double work, so I was shocked and mortified when I found out there is no flat iron in the room. Pressing services is available though. There is no kettle and coffee sachets in the room (I would die!) but there is an espresso machine and capsules in the lobby every morning to save your day.

I was the first one to arrive in Barcelona and in the hotel. I was planning to visit places and explore but I know Barcelona is a busy city. I decided to stay around the hotel and checked out the places nearby.

At night, we finally met up with the #LenovoMWC team and had lovely dinner at Can Travi Nou. The place is so pretty and instagrammable! We had tapas and wine and interesting sweet liquor. The place smells like coffee.

Barca Crew: Ruth (Philippines) Rika (USA) Juan (Dominican Republic) Allan (Brazil) YZ (Singapore) and Thomas (Germany)

There is so much stories and pictures to share but I only have limited time.  I want to spend every minute of my Barcelona travel to see more of its beauty. Please follow #RuthGoestoSpain #RuthGoestoBarcelona #LenovoMWC for more pictures.
Day 1 of #LenovoMWC coming up soon!
Thank you again Lenovo and Barcelona, Spain for the awesome experience.
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