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Fun, Funky Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Polish from Girl Stuff

March 15, 2016

Fun, Funky Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Polish from Girl Stuff

UV-Glow Solique Top Coat and new Rave Colors. 

It was 4:00 in the afternoon and all pretty girls in the Relik Tapas and Bar in the Fort were going crazy over their pretty nails painted with the new UV-Glow Solique Nail Polish by Girl Stuff Forever.

That sounded like an excerpt from a fairy tale but that’s the reality we all lived earlier today as Girl Stuff Forever launched the new UV-Glow Solique Top Coat and new Rave Colors. 
Girl Stuff Forever prepared an exciting event for us full of color and creativity.  It was actually a very relaxed event which started with nail session! We got to choose our colors from the new RAVE collection. I played with the white and Techno color (hot pink!).

We also got to keep a pair of Fly Shades perfect for summer and lookie (!!!) cute glowing headbands!

The Rave Collection consists of  4 yummy colors – Lounge, Techno, Chill and Breakbeat. 
For my top coat, the UV – Glow Solique Gel Top Coat was used which helps in drying my nails quickly. I noticed that it gave an extra shine to my manicure. The best thing, it protects the nails from chipping, dulling and wearing out. 

It was a super cool event because Ms. Janina Tan is also celebrating her birthday tomorrow (which is technically today!) and look at the cute surprise birthday cake for her!

My Instagram feed started to flood with dark shades and neons as blogger friends uploaded their pictures. I uploaded a simple selfie that highlighted how my nails really glow in the dark.
(then I enjoyed the food from Relik! I love the nachos and the Milo Bars! Thank you Phya for getting me food because I felt a little disabled with my newly painted nails :))

Curious about our nails?

It is indeed a revolutionary formula!

It glows in black light or UV light which makes it perfect for (rave) parties! Interestingly, it can give your nails different colors under the sun – as sunlight also has UV light (which reminds us to wear sunscreen :D). You can wear the new UV- Glow Solique Gel Top Coat in two ways:

For Black Light or UV Fluorescence:

Apply one coat on clean bare nais or over any polish. Tip: best used on Solique Gel Polish.

As a Gel Top Coat:

Apply one coat over any Solique Gel Polish

What is the science behind UV- Glow Solique Gel Top Coat?

UV- Glow Solique Gel Top Coat  incorporates a photo-initiator that reacts under natural light with a polymer present in Solique Polishes resulting in the steadfast curing film (gel manicure). UV-Glow also contains a fluorescent brightener which reacts under black light causing the polish to glow! 

. and although I and my #iravegirlstuff crew didn’t win the contest, everyone is still a winner as we got to take home the super cute mani-pedi kit complete with GirlStuff Forever new polishes!

Thank you GirlStuff Forever and @askmewhats for the invitation!

Where to Buy Girl Stuff Forever?

Check out GirlStuff Forever kiosks in SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, SM San Lazaro, SM Megamall, Glorietta 2 and Alabang Town Center.

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