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Cooking with Kikkoman

March 16, 2016

We were invited to cook with Kikkoman via a Cooking Class in 25 Mushroom Kitchen
#CookedwithKikkoman: Recipes using Kikkoman.

While I was thousand of miles away from Manila, cooking Paella and Octopus in an old brick house where Colombus used to live, my friends and bloggies also tried their hands at cooking and discovered the flavors of Kikkoman. 

Everyone knows Kikkoman. A staple brand for Japanese flavoring. We often use it as a soy dip for our favorite sushi, sashimi and tepanyakis. 
It was a conflict for me and my schedule when I got an invitation to the first Cook with Kikkoman series Oriental Journey: Beginnings, an introductory class to oriental cuisine.  Lucky for me to have a friend who also loves cooking and is game to explore the flavors of Kikkoman. 
A little trivia about our favorite soy — Kikkoman is a product of a brewing process for almost 300 years! Just like wine, soy which is aged and fermented naturally yields a better and more distinct flavor. 
Surprised with how Kikkoman maintained its quality? It stems from the founding family’s creed which was passed down for nineteen generation. Kikkoman is not just authentically oriental; it’s also one with the highest quality, made with time-honored traditions that go as far back as the 1700s oriental cuisine. 
I was surprised when I checked the hashtag #cookedwithkikkoman as I was flying en route to Barcelona and saw my blogger friends cooked dishes with Kikkoman. Truly Kikkoman is not just for dipping! We can now make oriental-style dishes from home!
First on the kitchen table.
The California Maki!
I have so much faith to my friend that he would do good in the kitchen with a little help from his official kitchen helper, Morris.

My friend’s stories and pictures make me feel like it is easy to make rolls and have a sushi party!
They also did a Chicken Terriyaki from scratch! It meant from deboning to actual presentation!

To complete the meal, they also created a Japanese Fried Rice (with Kikkoman!).
It seems that Cooking with Kikkoman is as easy as throwing all the ingredients in the pan. 
The teachers even shared with them tips on how to distinguish the difference between chemically-processed soy sauce vs Kikkoman. I personally can tell by the distinct aroma and taste – the color can be pretty hard but I noticed that chemically-processed soy sauce looks darker (?).

You see even kids..

.. and kids at heart can find it easy to cook with Kikkoman 🙂 

I was delighted when my friend told me they won in the cooking challenge! Yay! 
Now I am excited to try to recreate or cook new dishes with Kikkoman!
Check out Kikkoman on Facebook for more updates and recipes + get a chance to win a cooking class at 25 Mushroom Kitchen when you share your dishes in social media with hashtag #CookedwithKikkoman

class photo from ava 

Thank you so much Kikkoman and 25 Mushroom Kitchen for accommodating my friends!
Thank you Teepee and Morris for covering for me!
I am excited to explore Japan in my own kitchen!
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