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My First 5K Run with Color Manila + Tips for First Time Runners

March 7, 2016

My First 5K Run with Color Manila + Tips for First Time Runners

Jetlagged (for over a week). No training. Two hours of sleep. Banana and boiled egg for breakfast. The factors that got me worried which resulted to me doubting myself if I could finish the 5K fun run for Watson’s Sun Warrior Challenge Color Manila Run. 

Good news! I finished it – with a little help from my friends 🙂 
I came a little late for the 5:00 am meetup in SM Mall of Asia. Roxas Blvd was closed because of the different races and fun run which were scheduled that day. 
I came perfectly on time for the 3rd wave of 5K runners. I met up with Rodel, Rochelle and Running Suplado who was nice enough to join us and coach us the entire journey.

Thank you Rochelle for the pic!

I was clueless about the whole running event. All I know is that there would be colored powder and obstacle courses along the way. That sounded fun. But my worry was, getting to the finish line. I already have a game plan – I would do walk and run combo. I have long legs and one stride would equate to 2 jogs for average men and women 😀
#CurlyDiane also suggested the same technique. I even asked how long is a 5K run (why have I not checked it while using waze?). 
Anyway, at the gunshot, we started brisk walking. I didn’t want to to tire myself. Everyone was running. But I was already set with the walk-run technique. 
The problem: I could feel my ingrown Haha
It’s been two weeks and I haven’t gotten a pedicure Haha
#RunningSuplado was strict with the timing and our routine. I appreciate that. We let Rodel go for the run (he wanted to do 10k just for more challenge). He later on joined us and we even bumped with the Florescas. I felt so legit 🙂

In the middle of the run, I felt that there was a stone or powder that got inside my shoes.. It injured me and I hated it. I felt that I could really go with the run if I were all ready for it.

Anyway, we made it in less than an hour. Not bad for first timers yeah?
I got my precious medal! Yay!

Just when we were about to clean up, they announced that there would be color burst party and we thought – we wanted to join.

How coloful we were after the run

And. This. Happened. 

You could see that I got a little surprised with the color burst because the powder got in my eyes. Thankfully, I got my sunglasses on. My friend #RuthFloresca has warned me about it before the run. 

I love the energy and the colors! This is the kind of street party that I want because it doesn’t involve alcohol. #NognogAgreed

Watsons Sun Warrior Challenge
Posted by Nognog In the City on Saturday, March 5, 2016

How colorful we were after the party Haha

Anyway, if you are doing your first run or first Color Manila run, here are my tips:

Tips for First-time Color Manila Runner

1. Get enough sleep the day before. 

2. If you are fit, you don’t really need to do training, just make sure that you do stretching before the run. 
3. Make sure that you wear comfortable running shoes (I love Skechers) but damn my ingrown hurt. 
4. Make sure that you properly trim your toenails 😀 (I am considering running barefoot next time. Haha)
5. Wear sunscreen. I use Sunplay for my face and Ultra Screen MD for my body – they are both available at Watson’s. 

6. Use the protective band provided to protect your hair from powder.
7. Always wear your sunnies because the powder can get in your eyes – and they are painful. No joke.
8. Bring wet wipes (big pack) that you can use after the run.
9. You can bring a bag and leave it at the Baggage Counter BUT I recommend that you bring a colorful and not-so-common bag so attendants can easily locate them. They had a little problem locating my bag. They had gone crazy over the surge of runners (they said). They lost organization and the worse thing, they just stood there when they couldn’t find my bag. I was being impatient because it seemed that they were not doing anything – they were just giving me the look “we couldn’t find your bag”. In the end, I found my own bag from the sea of backpacks.

11. Bring extra clothes – especially if you are panning to go somewhere after. We watched a movie after the run – Always Be My Maybe. Haha. 

12. Don’t wear too fancy accessories and watch.
how to remove colored powder (Color Manila Run)?

1. Dust off the powder in your hair – don’t attempt to wash with water because it will “bleed”
2. Use oil or makeup remover to remove the color from your skin. We tried using just soap and water but that didn’t help much 😀

Hope you find this helpful! See you at the finish line!

Thank you Watson’s and Spark It for having us!
Do you have tips you want to share? Drop them in the comment box!
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