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Vegan, Organic Hair Dye: Naturtint Hair Color

July 5, 2021
Vegan Organic Hair Color Naturtint

Dying my hair at home has become one of my pampering activities. Lately, I want to shift to more healthier options. I received this package from Naturtint which is 100% vegan and cruelty-free product. It uses plant-based formula that has beneficial properties for hair and scalp. Naturtint is EcoCert certified, a global leader in certification of organic farming and cosmetics.

I find it more convenient to color my hair and grey hair at home, compared to going to salon. I feel safer (especially now that there is a Covid-19 pandemic), and I have more options to choose the hair dye. It is a plus when the product that you are using are safe to the environment, too.

The Naturtint Hair Dye Box comes with:

Naturtint Colourant

Naturtine Colour Developer

Color Fixing Shampoo

NutriDeep Conditioner

Anti-Ageing CC Cream

Protective Gloves and Instructions

It is recommended to try a dye test or strand test for any allergy. But being excited that I was, I skipped this part and went straight to coloring my hair. Historically, I do not have any allergy with certain coloring ingredients.

The instructions are easy to follow, you just mix the Colourant and Colour Developer, then apply to your roots. I focused mainly on the grey part of my hair, and re-growth. I personally have a pleasant experience using Naturtint. First, it doesn’t give a strong smell (because it is ammonia-free). Second, it feels soft and smooth to apply and brush on to the hair.

After 40-minutes, I washed my hair using the Shampoo and Conditioner. Naturtint being a vegan and organic product, may not give your hair that instant smooth feel that chemicals can do to the hair. That is when you need to apply the Leave-on Conditioner to help retain the color of the hair, and keep the strands healthy.

I like that Naturtint Vegan Hair Dye gives my hair a highlight effect to cover my grey hair. I find the color a little too light for the previous hair color I had, but the good news is, Naturtint has a variety of colors to choose from. I should try a darker shade to give my hair a more even look.

Personally, I love that the new shade and highlight give my hair a new feel. It is healthier, and doesn’t smell like chemical after dyeing. It also feels great to have used a product that has a lesser impact in the environment.

You can buy Naturtint Organic and Ammonia – Free Hair Dye via Shopee:

You can also follow Naturtint at Facebook for more information.

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