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Comfortable and Stylish Running Shoes: Skechers Go Run Ultra

December 5, 2015

Running with the new Skechers Go Run Ultra Shoes.
Comfortable and stylish running shoes from Skechers.

I have been meaning to run. And I mean run – join a marathon and get fit. 

I have been receiving  invites to join fun runs but I had to turn them down because I feel that my body is not yet prepared to run. Even the 5k Run just scares me.  Second, I don’t have running shoes (what an excuse?). I felt that the first step to getting serious about running is to get the perfect running shoes.

Last Thursday, Skechers held a fitness clinic together with Milo and we got to experience running with the new Skechers Go Run Ultra R.

The best part of the fitness clinic, we got coaches led by Coach Jim  and Toni Saret who pushed us to go further and run. 
How did I fair? Well..
I didn’t expect it to be too physical.
Imagine doing fitness routine in 10 repetitions and then immediately running around BGC – a block of Bonifacio High Street and doing the next routine when you are back to the station – and running again.

Again, I didn’t expect it to be this physical.
On the fourth run, I had to quit. I felt that I was having a hard time catching my breath. 
I didn’t feel too bad for quitting because I didn’t want to compete with my ego. I just want to compete with myself 🙂
I observed how the coaches and runners did their routines. They are amazing. Some of them are probably on their 50s, and there are others who don’t look too fit (but surprisingly) are strong.
For the first time in my life, I felt like a weakling. Haha
On a lighter note, I looooove the Skechers Go Run shoes.
For someone who has such big feet, my worry is always having foot pain, aches or callouses when I tried on a new pair of shoes.
It looks packed and heavy but it is very lightweight and comfortable. The insides have soft foam which made it easier for me to bounce and run. I love the design that has a luminous details which makes it a perfect pair for evening runs. The stitches are tight and strong.
I didn’t experience such when I ran around BGC wearing the Skechers Go Run.
Imagine running on uneven pavements and making sure you did not bump into the crowd, diners and waiters.

The Skechers Go Run shoes are also very fashionable. I love the vibrant color combination and funky style that makes it even perfect for casual dressing and walk in the park.

Thank you Skechers for letting me experience a fitness clinic. I just need to strengthen my body and I am ready to run!

After the run and session, Coach Toni graciously greeted us. She is such a fine woman and so fit. She asked if I am doing daily training because I  have such a nice figure – and I honestly told her – no 🙂 . I can be pretty lazy but I know I need to change my lifestyle.

Okay, now let’s get serious with running 🙂

The whole picture!

Thank you Skechers, Milo and Joseph Asong for having us!
Feeling fresh even after the run!
(I know this #ootd appeared too many times in my social media)
My day can be pretty hectic you know 🙂
You can also visit Rodel’s blog for his story. He was a finisher of the routines 🙂 

Follow Skechers Philippines for more updates.
(oh I heard they are launching a new Skechers x Starwars collection)
Who is excited for it?

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