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Travel Gadget: BlueLounge Kii: The Key to Charging Your Smartphones

March 9, 2016

Travel Gadget: BlueLounge Kii: The Key to Charging Your Smartphones
Travel and Blogger Must-Have!

It happened to me – I got my power bank (fully charged) and ready to take on an eventful day. It was a busy day for me to cover and attend events. Although my Vibe Shot can last me one full day – data connection can drain my battery (I still needed to always connect it to a power bank). When my phone did a quick countdown for it to shut down, that was when I realized I missed to bring my power cable. My day was ruined. Memories were left in my brain cells. 
I never need to worry about the same thing because I got the new BlueLounge Kii.  The small key-shaped Lightning cable that you attach with your keys and can help you connect your phones into a laptop.
When I went to Barcelona, Spain, I spent most of my hotel hours charging my power banks and camera battery – which means that I didn’t have a spare USB cable to charge my phone or sync it via my laptop. 
Thankfully, I brought my BlueLounge Kii with me. Just a quick snap and I was able to connect and charge my phone. 
BlueLounge Kii has a push button lock within the cap that keeps the charging end protected and Kii securely connected to your keychain when you are not using it. 
It is made of plastic and aluminum that makes it flexible  but note that it is best used with laptop (while at table rest) or powerbank (still on table rest) as the weight of the gadget might not be able to support it. 
 The BlueLounge Kii is a sleek, easy-to-carry and truly unforgettable gadget that is a must for every mobile work warrior. I love that it solved one of my little life’s stresses. You are #ruthapproved!

The BlueLounge Kii is available at Beyond the Box and Digital Walker around Php1,000 +

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