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April 28, 2016

Lux Soft Touch: How I Relax During Stressful Days

The best feeling in the world for me is laying in my bed after a nice warm shower - then I would turn on my laptop to watch movies or series - until I fall asleep. 

Currently though, that is not the state that I am in.

Lux Soft Touch: How I Relax During Stressful Days

 I am typing this entry on a hospital bed while my mom is on another bed while the resident doctor confirms her clearance for tomorrow's operation. 

It is a big adjustment for me - but we do sacrifice things for our loved ones. To help me feel relaxed over this stressing month (yes, it has been months - but I do no talk about these things in social media), I brought the new Lux Soft Touch Soap with me. 

I need to feel relaxed and calm every night while staying here. I love hot bath with Lux Body Wash every night. Lux makes me smell good and feel light. I always say that I feel naked without perfume, but during bedtime, I just want to feel light and just feel my skin - and smell the light scent of Lux. I find it weird that my friends wear perfume when going to sleep. 

I love the new Lux Soft Touch scent. It is very feminine and light. I usually use the Lux Body Wash but this time around, I used the soap and I love how it makes my skin feel softer. I love the scent of rose petals - it not overpowering. It smells young and youthful. 

It is going to be a stressful week for me so I brought my laptop with me, series 2 of How to Get Away with Murder, my favorite sleepwear and brought some chips and comfort food.  That is how I relax during stressful days, I find time to enjoy the things I love. 

If you guys want to experience the new #LuxSoftTouch, follow @luxph and join the giveaway. 

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