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LashEM Makeup: Double Trouble Mascara

May 21, 2016
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
LashEM Makeup now in the Philippines + 
LashEM Makeup Double Trouble Mascara Review

I am lipstick and eyeliner kind of girl. I always want a quick and easy makeup that I can do in 10 minutes (or less). 
When I wear a mascara, it means the occasion is big, or the date is extra special. Or, I simply have the extra time to put it on. I usually skip wearing mascara because I feel that after use, the mascara pulls out my natural lashes and just like my hair, too much chemical weakens my lashes. 
Besides, I find that aside from applying foundation, wearing a mascara is the next most tedious job when it comes to doing your makeup. Recently, I got acquianted with the new LashEM Makeup and I feel like wearing a mascara is as easy as breathing. 
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
LashEM Makeup is a luxury range of lash and brow products that promises to lengthen lashes and thickens brows. I heard a lot of good reviews and raves from Filipino Beauty Bloggers about the variety of Lash EM Makeup. 
First of all, the formulation of its products are composed of expert hair technology and a mixture of nature-derived products that aim for fortify the growth and beauty of hairs in the lashes and brows. 
I was excited to try the LashEM Double Trouble Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara (Php 1,029.75 for 4.2 ml). It has anti-smudge and water-resistant formulation which is perfect for someone like me who is not used to applying and wearing mascara. 
Basically, it is like having two mascara in one tube (which is good, it saves me bag space!). I opted to use the Lengthening Wand first. It is easy to use and I just did a quick swipe on it. The mascara itself is not too runny or dry. At least it didn’t clump my eyelashes.
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
Step 2, is to volumize the eyelashes. I have really thin eyelashes (add the fact that I am afraid of eyelash curler). Surprisingly, the Lash EM Double Trouble Volumizing and Lenghtening Mascara gave me a sexy (almost) curled eyelashes in just two steps!
It is smudge-proof, but is not waterproof which makes it perfect to be worn on Sunday strolls, #daycations, work days or even on dates 🙂 
I find it so easy to use. No fuss. I love that LashEM Makeup is made of products that are natural. There’s Smpeptide which lengthens, thickens, and strengthen the hair, plant-derived ingredients which block off free radical damage on hairs, natural flower distillates which makes the lashes appear more lush and Lash EM Makeup patented technology QuSome which seals ingredients together so skin’s nutrients absorption is improved. 
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
I know that I have really thin hair in most of the body parts which includes my brows and lashes. I am excited to write my review of the Lash EM Al Eyes On You Eyelash and Brow Enhancing Serum (Php 3,599.75 for 3 ml). I am on my first week and I am excited to see the results in fourth week. 
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
lashem makeup philippines double trouble mascara review
Aside from these two products, Lash EM also carries the following:

Color Strokes Liquid Eyeliner Php 1,029 for 10 ml – defines eyes with pigmented formula. Moisturizes hair and is infused with lash serum. Comes in blackest black, black pearl and espresso.
Extension in a Bottle Fiber Lash Extensions Mascara Php 1,539.75 for 6 ml – magnifies lashes and mimics the effect of lash extension.
Color Strokes Brow Tint and Lift Php 1,029.75 for 8 ml – fills in sparse brows and  sculpts brow hair. 
3 in 1 Eye Bright Lifts + Firms + Brightens Php 2,059.75 for 15 ml – a triple action eye cream that beats dark circles, puffiness, redness and fine lines. 
Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer Php 2,059.75 for 15 ml – lifts, firms and tightens the under eye area.

Which of the Lash EM Makeup have you tried? Which one are you excited to try?
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