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Vivere Salon Lucky China Mall

May 14, 2016
I know I am busy when I don’t even have the time to visit a salon; and I can confirm that I am extremely busy when I don’t have the time to write about my last visit to a salon. 
It may be three months delayed, but I feel the need to give a shout out to Vivere Salon, Lucky China Mall for the nice experience and a little makeover that they did before my #HarryBirthdayRuth party last February.

My hair story…

The truth is, I hate staying in a salon. I hate sitting for hours to get my hair fixed. I feel that I’d rather be productive and doing something, or being somewhere than getting stuck in a chair. There were only few times I spent hours in a salon – to get my hair rebonded, get a digiperm, get an ombre color (on different occasions, of course). 
Even on a normal day, I spend less time styling my hair. I love the wash and wear look (because, again, I want to spend as much time doing productive things). 
My biggest hair problem now is not about dry hair or unruly hairstyle. I care less about my hairstyle now. I am more worried about my gray hair. I have a natural dark brown which was prone to graying (and so it happened) – especially after I started getting hair colors and treatment. The goal for me is to get a hair color that would cover the gray color. 
Until, there was light… I mean, gunmetal gray hair color.
Why Vivere Salon?

I did a quick consultation to a friend who is handling Vivere Salon and asked if they could do something like that to my hair. I saw a friend who had her hair colored gray from Vivere Salon.  I love that he was honest when he told me that it might take two treatments – first, I need to go blonde, second, that’s when we go gunmetal. 
I thought, I didn’t have the luxury of time to go on the treatment – and I also don’t want to go blonde. I booked a treatment anyway. I love that there is a Vivere Salon near my place – Lucky China Mall. 
Lucky that I am, I got to meet the hair stylists in Vivere Salon. After a quick hair check, they proceeded with treatment. He suggested that we go with fixing the hair color (from the roots where my gray hair was visible) to make it even with the rest of my hair color.

One of my PR friends tracked me at Vivere Salon and sent this birthday cake! 

The previous salon who originally fixed my hair color and gray hair did a crazy “reverse” ombre on my hair. It was crazy. The color washed off after a week. I was traveling and I didn’t have the time to go back to the salon. 
Look at my hair color!!! 

My Vivere Salon Lucky China Mall Experience
I had a pleasant experience with the Vivere Salon Lucky China Mall. The staff is friendly and accommodating. They are knowledgeable about the services that they offer. More importantly, they care about your hair and do not just offer any services for money. They could easily turn me into a blonde and give me the gunmetal color, but that would mean drying and damaging my hair. 
Vivere Salon also fixed my layered style. I thought I got it all rigged but after a few weeks, I got it all fine and even 🙂 
After the hair coloring treatment… I was ready to party! 
.. and yes, we partied at my #HarryBirthdayRuth party!
Three months after,  I still get an even hair color (as they promised) – although I spotted gray hair (which I now cover with hair mascara :))

Thank you so much Vivere Salon!
Can’t wait for my next visit!

Vivere Salon
3rd Level Lucky China Mall

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