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Bloggermail Friday: 6

July 22, 2016
granny goose #morethantheusual
Friday is for unboxing #bloggermail /s. I feel proud to be on schedule to be posting this (I hope I didn’t miss anything on the mail this time). 

Granny Goose #MorethantheUsual
So our friends from Granny Goose thought it would be best to do something #MorethantheUsual while enjoying these snacks! I am too excited! I would usually just stay home and do movie marathons and enjoy this boxful of snacks But Granny Goose is challenging me to go out and explore new activities! I am always up for any challenge!
The Mystery Manila Challenge has been concluded but I am all for doing and completing the other tasks in partnership with Ninja Academy, Sip and Gogh and Ballpit Manila.

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Sweet Note from ARC
Ah, always personalized and sweet notes from ARC PR!
Thank you!!!
granny goose #morethantheusual
Something fresh is inside this box! I just know. It does look like a wedding gift though 🙂
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KFC Chizza

The KFC Chizza was especially delivered at home just before I press publish on this story. Thank you KFC for always making me one of the first to try the new products from KFC!

Thank you again to our wonderful and generous partners and brands for trusting this blog!
Keep the bloggermails coming! 
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