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Tech Time: Beyond the Box and Digital Walker’s Featured Gears

July 22, 2016
motorola whisperer
Time to be geeky today, as I present to you Beyond the Box Featured Product of the Month and Digital Walker’s Gear for the Month of July. 
Beyond the Box and Digital Walker carry the most awesome and quirky gadgets and accessories from different parts of the world. 

Beyond the Box Featured Product of the Month: Motorola Whisperer

When everyone is trying to multi-task and accomplish a lot of things in a short time,  we all need to free our hands to do more and a device that would let us to communicate clearly. 
motorola whisperer

Motorola Whisperer’s wind-canceling 4- mic CrystalTalk™ technology with a movable mic feature, users can talk anywhere and everywhere without the fear of being misunderstood.The Motorola Whisperer’s fantastic battery life also facilitates clear conversations that can last up to six hours in addition to a standby feature that lasts up to six days. This gives users plenty of time to say what they need to say, without interruption. And for those who like to walk, talk, and work on their feet, the Motorola Whisperer makes sure that distance is no object. This high-ranking headset gives users up to 300 feet to roam freely without having to worry about their conversations getting cut short.
This sleek looking headset provides multi-media compatibility, perfect for working across a busy individual’s different devices. Its versatility is a winning quality for go-getter as it connects to nearly anything that is Bluetooth®-enabled, such as Android™-powered phones and tablets, laptops and music players.
Modern culture leaves no room for miscommunication. Stay productive and multi-task with ease with Motorola Whisperer which is now available for P 4,995 at all Beyond the Box branches nationwide. Purchase one this July and get a FREE Motorola Power Micro (1500mAh) power bank. This sturdy power bank has a built in Motoral Keylink that helps you find your phones and keys with so much ease. For more information about this device or Beyond the Box, you may visit or LIKE Beyond the Box on Facebook and FOLLOW @beyondtheboxph on Instagram.

Digital Walker’s Gear for the Month of July: Mophie Juice Pack Air

Here is good news to all iPhone users. You can extend your battery life with the new Mophie Juice Pack. 
Mophie Juice Pack Air

The Mophie Juice Pack Air serves up more than 100% extra battery with a quick flip of a switch. Made for iPhone 6 / 6S, this protective case/power bank gives you the power to work and play until kingdom come. It provides a solid defense against that much dreaded alert that your mobile phone is running Designed with every geek, gamer, and gadgeteer in mind, the Mophie Juice Pack Air is the compact combat companion of choice, thanks to its shock proof durable outer-band, Feel invincible, because the Mophie Juice Pack Air will keep your mobile partner in crime protected and charged and through the day and well into the night.
Quench your thirst for power with the Mophie Juice Pack Air available at all Digital Walker outlets nationwide for P 4,850. For more information on Digital Walker, follow them on Instagram and Twitter with handle @digitalwalkerph or on Facebook at Digital Walker Store.

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