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DIY Patched Denim Jacket at Penshoppe Denim Lab Bar

July 2, 2016
diy patch denim jacket
I have been searching the world for a good patched denim jacket. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. The truth is, patched denims are making it big again in the fashion scene. It is a challenge to look for affordable patched denim jacket so I thought I would just DIY one for myself. 
It was timely when Penshoppe invited me as it opened its DenimLab Bar yesterday at SM Mega Fashion Hall. 

diy patch denim jacket

The Penshoppe #DenimLabDIYBar
I was really excited. Truth be told, it has been ages the last time I visited a Penshoppe store. I always thought their style are only for teens (like Sandara Park)? but I was quite surprised to find some really cool pieces that match my style (think distressed jeans and shades of gray 🙂). 
When I got to the Penshoppe pop-up store in Mega Fashion Hall, I already had that oversized denim jacket in mind. But it was not on display. Panic level rising!!! What would I get? There are a lot of really nice pieces in the Penshoppe Denim Lab. But #whatruthwantsruthgets. The universe heard me. You see, it is always good to ask. 
diy patch denim jacket
with Alexandra Lapa (I really love Reluctant Stylista!), Krissyfied, Say Alonzo, Kerwing King and Deegee Razon
Penshoppe people are always very helpful and patient (shout-out also to Penshoppe staff at Trinoma where I recently shopped :)). I simply asked one of the Penshoppe boys manning the pop-up store and he showed me what I wanted! Yay! 
I got my dream denim jacket, then it was time to design.
When you purchase Php1,000-worth of Denim at the Penshoppe Store, you get 3 Free Patches.

Additional Patches cost:

Alphanumeric: Php 25/each
Artwork: Php 20/each
They are so affordable! I went crazy and bought a bunch. Initially, I thought I would do a very systematic design with a few details. 
dyi patch denim jacket
diy patch denim jacket
First layout

But, I thought it would be much more fun to deconstruct the design. So I went crazier and put all the patches I bought in my jacket. 
diy patch denim jacket
Second Layout
dyi patch denim jacket
with Artsy Ava – and my design is #AvaApproved! I feel so artsy legit! HAHA 

But then, I still did a few retouches just when they were ironing the patches.
Thank you to the very patient and hardworking Penshoppe girls!!!
diy patch denim jacket
diy patch denim jacket
Here’s the final design. I added Hashtag and @ signs
#KuhaniDeegee Haha @deegeerazon
Here are some DIY Patched Denim Designs Inspirations + Fashion Bloggers Designs
dyi patch denim jacket
Tippy Go was there yesterday to share her talent. 🙂 
Love this jacket from Paxie. She also bought and designed one for boyfie. Too cute!
dyi patch denim jacket
Kerwing King and Deegee Razon rocking their denims. 
Say’s Cutie Jacket
dyi patch denim jacket
Thug Life!
How to DIY Patch Denim 

It was a bit tricky to design my own denim jacket, but I decided to just not follow rules and have fun with it. I know I still have the creative juices (hey, I use to make fun decoupage accessories, so this should work too!).
Here’s how I designed my Denim Jacket. 
First, I got all the patches and tried to lay them all out on the jacket.
I don’t want it too outlined, so I just playfully scattered everything – but I made sure that no two shades of color are next to each other. Then I just added patches on the least suspecting areas – like sleeve and pocket 🙂 
Thank you Anagon for the photos 🙂 
diy patch denim jacket
I already have a name necklace and I thought walking around with my name on the jacket is too redundant. So I thought I would just put my initials – which may also means Radical 😉 
diy patch denim jacket
I added the heart patch on the right sleeve 🙂 
diy patch denim jacket
I gave this hot chili pepper some more attitude by making him pop out of the jacket 🙂 
(When they started ironing it, they put him on the side – but thankfully, when I told them I want him 
inside, they fixed the design. Thank you!!!)
So you would know it is me 🙂
Photo by @artsyava

Thank you Penshoppe for having us! 
dyi patch denim jacket
diy patch denim jacket
Love hanging out with these cool kids! 
Anagon, Paxiness, Paul (apple of my right eye) and Artsy Ava 

Visit the Penshoppe Pop-up Store in SM Fashion Hall, Mega Mall until July 3, and with Php1,000 Denim Purchase, you get access to DIY your denim with patches. 

dyi patch denim jacket
What Would Ruth Wear
Basic Black Shirt: H&M
Denim Jacket: Penshoppe
Distressed Skirt: Penshoppe
Lace up Shoes: Payless
Bag: River Island
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Photo: @anagon

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