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Coffee Date with Friends + New Coffee Bean’s Ice Cream Ice Blended Drinks

July 2, 2016
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is combining two of our favorite things – ice cream and coffee, as it introduces 3 new drinks and flavors via the Ice Cream Ice Blended Drinks. 

I love that Coffee Bean always bring us to the blissful and happy memories we wish could last forever. 
I met two of my good friends at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf years ago. I used to work as a manager for one of the stores. My friend #T was a management trainee, while #D was (is still) a regular customer. 
Even after I resigned from work, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will be  our favorite coffee place (checked in Shangrila Plaza Mall store). We just hate the fact that the store has no restroom :/ 
Coffee dates are perfect way to reconnect, catch up and try the new Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s offerings. 

 The Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Ice Blended® drink combines sweet and creamy vanilla with decadent chocolate cookie pieces, perfect for a cozy nightcap after a romantic date. The Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Ice Blended® drink can also be enjoyed coffee-free, a delectable treat for your favorite nephew after a shopping trip at the toy store.

Regular Php 165
Large Php 175 

  A refreshing combination of chocolate-covered espresso beans, peppermint sauce, and creamy vanilla, the Mint Chip Ice Cream Ice Blended® drink is the ultimate pick-me-up on a busy day. Take a break and relish the flavor that reminds you of all that’s good about life.

Regular Php 175 
Large Php 195 

 And finally, the Pure Salted Pistachio Ice Cream Ice Blended® drink’s subtly bold and contrasting flavors are sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves the salty and sweet combination, no matter what the occasion. Blending rich vanilla with salted pistachio sauce, the result is a heavenly, caffeine-free beverage that will satisfy any sweet tooth for the young and the young at heart.

Regular Php 165
Large Php 175  

I had the Pure Salted Pistachio Ice Cream Ice Blended and it is like drinking ice cream on a cup. A little bit sweet for me but I love the pistachio flavor on it. 
Feeling content and loved 🙂 
Have you guys tried any of the new Ice Cream Ice Blended drinks?
Check out for more info about Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

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