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Inspiration: How to Spice Up a Boring Relationship #CoupleGoals

August 16, 2016
I oftentimes think that I am not normal because (1) I don’t have a crush (2) I think I have forgotten the rudiments of dating (3) I feel like I can no longer distinguish love vs admiration (?). Everything seems like a big question mark.  I got used to doing things alone. 
It makes me think how even harder it is to stay in love and be in a relationship – to make it last for months and years. It scares me to think that I would be spending my everyday with someone – what if I get bored and there is no new things to do and new places to explore.  

I came across the video on Youtube about the couple – Rodel and Louie and their story on how they found a new interest that they do together. 
I really love their story. It makes me wish I have someone I can tag along to do fitness routines, someone who keeps me motivated (for my #projectbeddable) and someone who inspires me to be fit so I can do more great things.

Watch the video and be motivated.

Here are some more tips from #couplegoals I met online and offline
(one of my other fave couples is Benji and Judy Travis) 
Spend some time a part.
Date your partner even if you guys already have kids.
Learn new skill together (language, sports, or hobby).
Explore together (museum, old city or new country)
Remind her she is beautiful (tell him he is adorable :D) – always hear Benji saying this to Judy.
Dress up for a date.

If you guys have anything to add, please do comment below. I might need for future reference 🙂 
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