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Antong Falls in Sison, Pangasinan

August 16, 2016
antong falls pangasinan

Antong Falls in Sison, Pangasinan
I woke up earlier the following day for my Sunday church before everyone else even heard the rooster’s call.

I am not used to sleeping in another family’s house  but Mommy M and Rodel’s relatives are all so nice and accommodating.  I kind of felt like a theft sneaking out of the house early morning. I was a few steps away from the house when I heard Mommy Malou calling me and asking if I needed a ride to my church. I told her I could take care of myself and I was all good. I just needed to ride a jeepney. 
In the province, when they say that a place is near, it is usually kilometers away. Thankfully, another passenger in the jeep is also a church member and she told me when it was time to get down. 
It is just a personal commitment for me to go to church wherever part of the world I am. I share the same commitment with our host (and I love that it is something that my friends also understand. Thank you!!!). Going back to the house was a challenge. There was no jeep or available tricycle. The church goers had their own service. I waited for a while until I finally got a tricycle ride. I suddenly missed the city life where jeepeneys, buses and taxis are everywhere. I couldn’t remember how much I paid for it. It was all good to be “home” and our adventure started with a visit to Antong Falls. 
Rodel was eager to see and experience the Falls because he said “it was just near where we live”. Mommy Malou said that she spent most of her childhood exploring the falls. 
The “it was just near where we live” took a few minutes of jeepney ride and an hour of trekking (a 2.5 km trek). 
antong falls pangasinan
antong falls pangasinan
antong falls pangasinan
antong falls pangasinan
Chikiting Gubats!
Why do I always get into something that I haven’t even prepared? It was my first time to trek. I felt like a weakling. I thought I would slide, fall and lose my balance. 
We experienced mud, slippery soil, rocks and rain. I felt the need to survive. I couldn’t be a damsel in distress in such a situation when Mommy Malou was doing the trek as if she was walking on a flat road. She must be laughing to see me struggle 😀 No one to take my hand (just like those cliche “take me there” photos).
antong falls pangasinan
antong falls pangasinan
Chikiting Gubats up-close
All the hard work and challenging walk was worth it when we saw the falls. The Bano ni Pablo. 

antong falls pangasinan
antong falls pangasinan

Who is Pablo? I have no idea. We, however saw kids jumping from the cliff and enjoying the falls. I would have wanted to do the same but I am not as brave and skilled as they are. I once again wished I grew up in the province and close to nature. 

Some tips: 

There’s an entrance fee of Php 10. 
Eat before going to the falls. The trek is some serious workout.
There are designated picnic area and eating place in the falls. Follow the rules.
They are not very strict with the dress code 😀 

Check this blog to know how to get to Antong Falls, Sisong Pangasinan from Manila. 
The trek back “home” seemed easier for me and I felt like I had developed a new skill (guess what – trekking!). What life taught me here, I would survive because I needed to survive. 
antong falls pangasinan
with Rodel, Earth, MJ and Ralphiedude
(Pangasinan, 2015)
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