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Why I am Planning to Take Glutathione Everyday

August 17, 2016
glutathione everyday
I love things natural and organic. I am always skeptical to try products (especially ones that need to be ingested) no matter how much they claim to be effective at improving my condition. I always go for natural remedy – lots of water, sleep and rest. I feel that our body has its own natural healing process. The only times I take medicine is when I am really sick and with doctor’s prescription. 
Now that I am getting older, I am more interested with topics about health and aging with grace. It was an interesting afternoon to learn more about Glutathione .The event and press conference which was hosted by Vida Nutriscience in partnership with Kohjin Life Sciences in Hotel Jen was graced by guests from Kohjin Life Sciences and Kyoto Prefectural University.
Mr. Yusuke Sauchi & Ms. Hitomi from Kohjin Life Sciences
Mr. Yusuke Sauchi & Ms. Hitomi from Kohjin Life Sciences who also claimed that they are taking Glutathione.
It is a common knowledge that skin lightening is a side effect of using Glutathione, but it has also been rumored to give gastrointestinal pain, skin allergies and other negative effects. 
Glutathione is actually present in our body – but due to different factors, such as lifestyle, stress, aging, diet and external factors, its level depletes in our body. During the press conference, I learned that aside from cleansing and helping maintain a healthy liver, Glutathione also helps in:
detoxifying our body of harmful toxins
eliminating heavy metals which can be found in what we consume
helping boost immune system against diseases such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes and even cardiac diseases. 
helping keep our physique in shape and improved make fertility by providing nutrients for the sperm. 
Kohjin Life Sciences.
Dr. Wataru Aoi
It is good to know such information as supported by representatives from Kohjin Life Sciences. 
I have previously tried Snow Caps and I plan to take it again as I know that it contains high quality Glutathione ingredients. I may sound biased but I have so much trust with Japan’s technology and research (and just about anything made in Japan). :p

Kohjin Life Sciences members Mr. Yusuke Sauchi, Ms Hitomi Ito and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Associate Professor Dr. Wataru Aoi are expected to raise awareness regarding Glutathione, its importance, its depleting level in our bodies as we age and its hidden benefits. 
I am planning to start taking Snow Caps especially that more and more people (including celebrities like Alden Richards) are taking it and making it part of their lifestyle 
I am more for staying healthy so I can do more things and see the world. 
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