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My First VR (Virtual Reality) Experience with Lenovo VIBE K5

August 2, 2016
lenovo vibe k5 plus vr

Remember the days when mom would remind us not to stay too close to the TV set when watching our favorite cartoons? Now, technology got us twisted with VR (Virtual Reality) sets that make us feel like we are in another environment.

My first VR experience was in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress. I was on Geek Mode and I got to try different gadgets and the latest in technology. Remember I had the opportunity to interview the VIBE Product Manager.

The Lenovo Vibe K5 Series was recently launched in the Philippines. 
Watch my interview:
During the Philippine Launch of Lenovo VIBE K5 Series, they set up a gaming station and I got to play a racing game with VR set and controller. 

It was a different experience and I felt like owning the environment. Being a 90s kid, I got used to murdering the controller but you only need soft touch control to play the game. HAHA. I tried to contained myself and my screams while playing the game but it was totally amazing!

I can imagine bringing this set to long travels to watch movies. A perfect gadget if you want to have your me and alone-time. 

lenovo vibe k5 plus vr

The complete Lenovo TheaterMax treatment gives out a super-sized virtual reality viewing experience. Movie buffs can bask in the boundless imagery of moving pictures no matter where they point their VR goggles at. They can use the audio/video mode of the controller to navigate through galleries of 360 photos or videos. VR games are also now more engaging. Master the art of navigating through the enemy’s lair without being noticed or race to the finish line without having to constantly tap the screen. Hardcore gamers will love the intensity of attacking their opponents with the game mode. Users get to control their way to victory in a multi-player VR game or fast forward to the movie’s plot. Dolby Atmos® gives a more in-depth experience through its surround sound technology, making sure no one misses that quotable punch line. The VIBE K5 and the VIBE K5 Plus allow users to capture moments through photos using the 13MP rear camera. Lenovo VIBE K5 Note’s 13MP or 8MP rear and front cameras to produce social media-worthy images. The VIBE K5 Note’s front camera features a lightning-fast autofocus and LED flash that captures precious moments as they happen. The Lenovo VIBE K5 smartphone series function on  Android™ 5.1 Lollipop operating system for a blazing-fast performance. 

Now excited what’s next:
Augmented Reality

The Lenovo VIBE K5 Note retails at PHP11,999 in two colors: Platinum Silver and Champagne Gold. It also comes bundled with a VR headset, TheaterMax Controller, Clear Case and Screen Protector.

The Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus retails at PHP8,999 and comes bundled with a VR headset, TheaterMax Controller, Clear Case and Screen Protector.

The Lenovo VIBE K5 retails at PHP6,999 and comes bundled with a free Screen Protector.

Both the Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus and the VIBE K5 are available in Platinum Silver, Graphite Grey and Champagne Gold.

lenovo vibe k5 plus vr

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