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Bloggermail Friday 11

September 17, 2016
It is time for Bloggermail Friday! Yet again, I am a day late for publishing (sometimes I hate myself for setting deadlines 🙂). Yesterday, I was just not in the mood for anything. But #bloggermails always make me happy! 
It is always good to know that people remember you + the joys of unboxing (!!!). 

So I got a few gifts in the mailbox and I am unsure who sent them. Please do ping me if you guys sent these gifts so I can thank you personally. 
Now, for the list 🙂
Aveeno Gift Box

Aveeno is challenging me to know how naturally beautiful my skin is. The gift comes with Mili device. 
aveeno philippines
aveeno philippines
I am excited to try this as Aveeno is the number 1 body lotion formula in the US. Will tell you more about it on a separate blog 🙂
ITG Tempered Glass Screen Protector
mobile screen protector privacy
I got this in the mailbox but I am clueless who sent it – but gazillion thank you!!!
Anyway, I am crossing fingers and toes that this would fit my Lenovo Vibe Shot.  Back when I was working for corporate, we used this kind of privacy screens in our laptops so this screen filter for mobile phones is an essential especially that we always work with our mobile phones and we work with brands and handle a lot of confidential information 🙂 
Whoever sent it, thank you!!!
Kangaroo Nuts!!!

kangaroo nuts

You see the exclamation points there? Yes, we are excited! Mom is a lot more ecstatic because she is addicted to them! I previously featured Kangaroo Nuts as one of my Current Faves. 
I got new variants this time and I am surprised that there are variants that come in bigger size. I love that I can just pick any of them without worry of eating unhealthy snack – especially for mom (but we still eat in moderation). 
My fave is the Cheddar Cheese Almonds. Now, I can wait to try the new variants.
kangaroo nuts philippines
kangaroo nuts philippines
Kangaroo Nuts are made from freshly-harvested top quality nuts and seasoned using only the finest ingredients. They are always fresh and include almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews, peas and peanuts.
Griffin’s Biscuits 
A bag full of New Zealand’s favorite biscuit snacks arrived in the doorstep last night. Griffin’s biscuits are now available in the Philippines!!! Yes, we can now enjoy this through their parent company – Universal Robina Corporation 
griffin biscuits philippines
I got different variants – Toffee Delights, Chit Chat, and Squiggles, all baked in New Zealand with real New Zealand milk chocolate. 
When I posted a photo of the #bloggermail in my Facebook last night, my friend who is from New Zealand thought it was posted from home. He testified that it is indeed the greatest biscuits in New Zealand! 
I got to try the Toffee Delights and it is like my favorite digestive biscuits with a chewy bite on it. It is rich and the chocolate flavor just lingers. I am officially addicted. 
griffin biscuits philippines
We placed some in the chiller as they are starting to melt. 
Crazy hot weather in the Philippines!
Griffin’s was founded in New Zealand by John Griffin, a humble flour miller over 150 years ago. Now there are over 300 products from two manufacturing super-center facilities in Auckland, New Zealand. 
I love that they are now available in the Philippines and other Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong. You can check them out in leading supermarkets and selected Ministop nationwide. 

Thank you once again to our PR friends, brands and partners for sending these press kits and for trusting the blog! 
Thank you for always making me happy 🙂 
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