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How to Plan Your Vacation in Boracay with Php 5,000 Budget

September 8, 2016
 Boracay with Php 5,000 Budget

Everyone is screaming Vitamin Sea regardless of the time of the year. We are lucky to be living in a beautiful country with so many beautiful islands. One of the most popular and favorite summer destinations in the Philippines is Boracay island, in Aklan. 

Here are some tips on how you can plan your Boracay vacation with Php 5,000 budget. 

1. Book your hotel via booking site like Traveloka. You can check and compare hotel room prices via the site.  Note that more affordable lodging are in Station 3. You can however book decent hotels in Station 2 (where all things fun are happening!). Compare prices as you might chance upon good, reasonable hotel deals from  Boracay hotels in Station 1.

Lodging Budget: Php 1,000 for 2 nights for shared room with friends

2. Book a flight during seat sale. Take note of Philippine Holidays and special events as these are the times when airlines roll their seat sales. My first flight to Boracay only costed me Php 180 (it was in 2010). If you are lucky, you can book a flight as low as Php1,000 for a round trip ticket.

 Boracay with Php 5,000 Budget

Personally, I would advise to get a flight to Caticlan vs Kalibo. If you are taking Kalibo flight, consider the 2-hour drive and additional van fees Php 500 (for roundtrip fare).
Additional Fees to Consider (you may allot Php 500 for these fees)

Terminal Fees
Environmental Fees
Tricycle Fare from airport to sea port
Boat Ride

Transportation Budget: Php 1,500

3. Eat at the restaurants in the main road. Forget the beach and shore and check out the strip of restaurants in the main road. You can set aside Php 150/meal. 
Tip: check out Spider House and indulge in some great food with nice view

Food Budget: Php 1,000 for 3 days/2 nights
4. Haggle for Island Activities. Some people would just love the feel of sand and sea on their feet, but a little adventure would make the Boracay trip much more exciting and memorable. Scout around and haggle for the best price before you say yes to a sea adventure invitation. 
traveloka  Boracay with Php 5,000 Budget
traveloka  Boracay with Php 5,000 Budget
My friend and I got the Helmet Dive package for Php 500 (with CD copy of underwater activity) and ATV Tour for Php 500.  You may also join group tours with other tourists to get better discounts on island tour packages.

Sea Adventure Budget: Php 1,000

5. Skip the bars and head on over to the sea. One of the must-do things when in Boracay is to join the Pub Crawl (Php 990). The irony, I haven’t tried it. Simply because I don’t really drink and I always go for cheaper alternatives. 
traveloka  Boracay with Php 5,000 Budget
My tip? Bring your own alcohol (my friend did bring a bottle of Johnny Walker from Manila!) or check out Budget Mart and buy your favorite beer bottles. Just lay on the shore line and enjoy the stars. Best feeling ever! 
Entertainment and Leisure Budget: Php 300
You still have Php 200 to buy yourself a nice souvenir from the island. 
Do you have other tips you want to share? Comment below.

See you in Boracay!

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