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That Black Frozen Yogurt at BLK 513: SM North EDSA

September 8, 2016
blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
I finally got to try the much hailed black yogurt – also known as Dark Skim Yogurt from BLK 513 during its Private Taste Test at SM North EDSA (before its official opening today – September 8th!). 

Keep reading to find out about the opening day promo!

Just like everyone else, I only needed to taste one spoonful of it to be a convert. I couldn’t believe I even finished one BIG cup of it!
blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
black yogurt blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
black yogurt blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
(1) BLK 513 store is so instagrammable! But a little crowded last night 🙂 (2) Different kinds of crunches to choose from (3) Love how they named the sauces! (4) What I had for dinner 🙂 (5) I remember the feeling of first love but not the person 😀 
So what makes BLK 513 yogurt black and dark? BLK 513 uses charcoal-activated yogurt – the first in the Philippines. It sounds kind of weird but dark skim yogurt benefits include anti-aging, eliminate bloating and detoxifying – we all want that. Yes?
BLK 513 uses US premium, gluten-free, all natural Greek yogurt. 
black yogurt blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
So how does a black yogurt taste like? There’s really not much difference except that you feel the need to always wipe the side of your lips and worry that your red lipstick would turn into raisin black – but who worries about lipsticks when you are having delicious froyo? BLK 513 Dark Skim Yogurt is rich, soft and creamy. It doesn’t feel grainy. It does leave a strong tarty after-taste.
BLK 513 makes each cup a fun, colorful indulgent by letting you choose your crunch, 2 fruit toppings and sauce. I love what @sephcham has suggested – crunch, mangoes (and kiwi fruit for me! – I would have gotten strawberries too but it was not available last night) and Nutella Sauce which gives a good contrast of flavors. 
You can get:

Dark Skim Cup Php 180

1 crunch
2 fruit toppings
1 sauce

Dark Skim Cone Php 170 

1 crunch
1 fruit topping
1 sauce
The cone looks instagrammable but having it on a cup is much more manageable to eat 🙂 
If you want something quick to drink, get the Raw Cacao Skim (you can have it with cacao or macha green tea)
black yogurt blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
So I had a full Dark Skim Cup and half of this Raw Cacao Skim last night and I am still waiting for my morning ritual. I am expecting a big show in my washroom this morning to detoxify 🙂 I eat yogurt almost everyday (thank you to readily packed yogurt in groceries). The good feeling about BLK 513 ‘s frozen yogurt, they are filling and I didn’t feel bloated even after finishing one full cup.  🙂  

Now, if you are dying to taste BLK 513 ‘s yogurt, check out the newest store at SM NORTH EDSA, 2nd Level Main Bldg and be one of the first 200 customers to try it for FREE!
black yogurt blk 513 yogurt sm north edsa
Wan Chu Chree!
Dark Skim Crew: John, Rodel, Seph (minus Trice) Deo and Arnie
Congratulations BLK 513 for the new store! 

BLK 513
2nd Level SM North EDSA
Main Bldg
Quezon City
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