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Grateful Soul

September 16, 2016
Grateful Soul zion aquino
I woke up today feeling a bit disappointed and confused. For reasons I do not understand. I shouldn’t be feeling this especially when I got the license to wake up 10 in the morning while my friends had an hour of sleep and the other one needs to report to work even on weekends. 
I should just feel grateful. My mood changed in an instant. I remember last night’s event in 12 Monkeys as song writer Trina Belamide celebrated her 25 years in the music business with the album launch of new singer, Zion Aquino. 

Grateful Soul zion aquino
Grateful to have these boys: Rodel, Rod and MJ (and Edward)
Grateful to finally meet Gus and Don 🙂 
Trina’s compositions include Now That I Have You (The Company), Shine (Ima Castro), You’ve Made Me Stronger (Regine Velasquez), and Tell The World of His Love which was selected to be the Official Theme Song of World Youth Day 1995. 
Rodel and I arrived just in time as she was playing the keyboard and singing the song that reminded me of my youth. 
Grateful Soul zion aquino
Such a treat to hear Regine sang You Made Me Stronger
Check out @Mjdeleonblogs and @rodmagaru ‘s accounts for the video 
Grateful Soul is an understatement as I witnessed Philippines’ respected singers performed and sang Shine. It was funny when Trina confessed that she just wanted to have a photo opp with the artists, but she even got a bigger treat to have shared the stage (and melodies) with them. 
Grateful Soul zion aquino
I wish I could join the stage and sing with them or maybe I’ll do an interpretative dance? 
Trina also sang Happy Valentine’s Day, which won Overall Second Prize in the 1999 USA Song Writing Competition, making makes her the first Asian songwriter to win of the most prestigious content’s top prizes. There is always something comforting about listening to great songs. I found comfort in our little corner in that crowded bar. We enjoyed our plates of chicharon and fishballs and kwek-kwek. I enjoyed Stella Artois. But that Palabok Pizza weirded me out!
When it was time to introduce Zion, everyone held their cameras up (cameras and phone). I met Zion through my friend Rodel and it was my first time to meet him in person. 😀 
Truth be told, it was my first time to hear Zion sing (and perform). His voice is strong, powerful and soulful. He sang songs from his 10-track album and in between performances he shared his story (he is a cancer survivor) and how grateful he is to have met Trina Belamide. 
Grateful Soul zion aquino
Grateful Soul zion aquino
Zion’s battles and losses made him what he is today. Launching an album is one of the many milestones he would add on his music profile which includes winning the MTV’s Seach for the Next Big Star and Star World’s Filipino-American Idol. Zion’s album is written and produced by Trina which showcased her world-class songwriting skills. 
Congratulations Trina and Zion! So grateful to be part of a soulful night!
Please do get his album Grateful Soul and support local artists 🙂 
What are you grateful for today?
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