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I Booked a Home Service Massage via Dirty Jobs App

October 5, 2016
Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila

I Booked a Home Service Massage via Dirty Jobs App 

I cannot think of a good, creative blog title for this story. I just need to share how I have successfully booked a home massage service via this new app called Dirty Jobs. I wish I could just end the story here. I booked it via Dirty Jobs app, I got a nice massage and had a good night sleeep.

But let me tell you more about the Dirty Jobs App and why I love it.

Here’s the introduction that I originally wrote:

I don’t mind doing the dirty jobs – washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, doing the laundry and cleaning the house.

We did a mock request during launch. 

I could even note these tasks on my curiculum vitae as part of the things I did when I got my first job. If there is anything that would prevent me from doing these things is (at home) is – time. Time is all I have now and I always want to make sure that I spend it doing the things that I love or with people who are important to me. 
I seriously can’t imagine how housewives and working moms juggle a lot of things. I, personally do not have time to complain about life or worry about love life.

Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila
Dirty Jobs app allows you to select the date when you need the services. 

Thankfully, there is a new app that allows us to hire or book services that would do the dirty jobs for us. It is very much like how big companies hire other service providers to do the job for them – from HR services to Finance (it is not just about the Call Center).  
I attended the launch of Dirty Jobs last September 6, 2016 in  DolceLatte in Quezon Avenue and I was excited to try the service.

Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila is a mobile app started by friends, Emyl Eugenio, Jeffrey Part Cruz, Rayhan Ramos Eugenio and Miguel Barcial last January 2016. 
Dirty Jobs Ph App Services
The concept is simple – you can hire someone to do the dirty job for you. There are different services that you can choose from – laundry, car maintenance, house cleaning, gardening, repair and even movers. 
There are also pampering services like massage, hair and make-up or even Pet services. 
How to Book a Service via Dirty Jobs App?

Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila

I was planning to go out yesterday to go to a spa but heavy rain prevented me to even step outside the house. I really feel the need to relax (after doing the dirty jobs myself :D), so I thought I would book a massage service at home. 

1. Open the app – Dirty Jobs (available in Android and iOS). 
2. Click on Bid Request.
3. Choose from variety of services. I clicked on H&M and Spa and filled out the necessary information including the type of massage, duration (60 minutes), special instruction (I requested for a woman masseuse), my budget (Php 300 :D) and date and time when I needed the service.
4. I also got to choose the bidding time duration (minimum of 5 hours). The app and Dirty Jobs Team would then look for a service provided in the area. 

Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila

Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila

** I submitted the request at 11:00 AM and scheduled the service at 5:00 PM (just to allow time for them to do the bidding). 
After hitting submit. I immediately received a text from the Dirty Jobs team confirming my request and location. 
When I checked the Dirty Jobs app’s notification, I already saw a bid for Php 330 (okay, I thought the price should be lower and should not exceed my budget?) Haha. 
Anyway, I received another text from the Dirty Jobs team asking if I am okay with the bidder. They asked me to confirm the bid via the app. They then sent me the contact information of the service provider.

At exactly 5pm, my masseuse was already waiting outside our home. As usual, I did a little interview and she is a certified Massage Therapist.

I wish I booked for 1.5 hours or 2 hours but she said she has another client. She did very well and I felt so light after the massage.

I am so happy to know that I can always book for home massage service anytime now and there is no need for me to go outside (and battle with traffic) 😀 

Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila

What I Like About Dirty Jobs 

1. Easy to use and navigate app.
2. You can book services like home massage on the same day.
3. The support team responds timely. I hope they can continue this when more people use the app. 
 4. As a consumer, you are assured that you only get a legit service provider. 
5. The support team follows up on the service and ensures that you get your service at the requested time. 
6. I love that there are several payment options – cash, credit card or Paypal. 
7. Dirty Jobs team ensures that service providers are legit business owners with business permits registered 🙂

I am planning to book aircon cleaning services next time 🙂

Dirty Jobs App  Review Home Massage Service Manila

Have you guys tried the Dirty Jobs App?
Let me know what you think on the comments below!

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