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I Saved Php 29,870 at the Digital Walker Pre-Holiday Sale + Tips on How to Survive the Mad Sale

October 1, 2016
digital walker sale
I Saved Php 29,870 from the Digital Walker Pre-Holiday Sale + Tips on How to Survive the Sale Event
The original plan was for me to wake up earlier, leave the house by 8:30 am so I could get to Megamall by 10 am. Just in time for the 10 to 12 pm time allotted for the Digital Walker Pre-Christmas Sale. 

I woke up late and Uber was extremely busy, I couldn’t get a ride. I wanted to fly as I received updates from a friend that the line was already at the second floor; while @rodelflordeliz was already inside and checking out the sale. I went crazier when he said that Crumpler bags are indeed at 90% off. I asked him to get that luggage camera bag for me while I battled with Ortigas traffic. My mind was running like a mad sale hunter. 
I got to Megamall at 11:25 am and I only had a few minutes to check out the stuff before they opened the store to the public. Some of my friends were almost done with the shopping and I had to ask which ones are the best deals. THERE ARE A LOT!!!!
I immediately grabbed the Crumpler Camera Bag (which we all thought we could use as a luggage). From Php 17,500, it is sold at Php 1,750!!! 
I saw @livingmarjorney taking her sweet time in the crowded Megatrade Hall 3 and she was so delighted to see me and she was trying to chit chat – while I was on my “sale face on”! She asked:
Marjorie: san ka galing? why do you have luggage?
Me: It is on sale! Php 1,750! 90% off!

Deep down inside I wanted to tell her, time is essential, let’s just check-out the stuff and catch up later (which we did after we paid for our purchases :D)
Anyway, it was a crazy experience. I felt like I was in Cloud 9 with all the nice, quirky gadgets around, most at 90% off! I wanted to grab everything but the practical shopper in me was always butting in – “do I really need this?!”
Okay, enough of my story. Here’s my haul from the #DWChristmasComesEarly Mad Sale:
digital walker sale
Crumpler Camera Bag from Php 17,500 to Php 1,750
digital walker sale
Crumpler Camera Bag from Php 3,450 to Php 350
digital walker sale
ACME Made Sleeve for MacBook Pro 15 from Php 1,950 to Php 200
ACME Made Sleeve for iPad Mini from Php 1,350 to Php 200
I do not own Mac and Apple products but these can be used for my Yoga 900 and Tablet 🙂 

digital walker sale
Crumpler Pouch from Php 2,000 to Php 200
Crumpler Camera Strap from Php 1,050 to Php 105
digital walker sale
Ye!! Powerbank from Php 2,750 to Php 1,925 (30% off!!!)
digital walker sale
Urbanears Bagis Earphones from Php 1,350 to Php 450
Tech 21 Evo Case from Php 4,650 to Php 1,000 
Total Php 36, 050
I paid only Php 6,180
I saved: Php 29,870 
** I also bought other stuff which I am planning to give to friends and maybe readers 🙂 I chose not to include them in this feature and calculation 🙂 So it means I have saved more. Imagine I could use that amount as travel fund! 

Shout out to these brands for the snacks 🙂
digital walker sale
What to Expect from the Digital Walker Pre-Christmas Sale?
 Alot of good stuff at 90% off – I spotted iPhone cases for only Php 50, Php 100 and Php 200
Urbanears headphones and earphones from Php 450 to Php 1,500
ALL Crumpler Bags at 90% off!
+  alot more. 
I wasn’t able to take photos because I was carrying alot of shopping bags 😀 
Tips and Reminders
1. Expect long lines but don’t worry that you would miss out on all the good finds. Digital Walker is making sure that they distribute all the goods for the 3-day sale. Don’t think that you would end up with tira-tira 🙂 When we left, there are still boxes and boxes of new stuff being delivered 🙂
2. Always check the condition of the item before buying 🙂 
3. You can only buy up to 20 items. It is good to bring someone with you who can fall in line at the cashier while you do one last round. 
4. I love that Digital Walker is open to replace the goods if found defective (there is a 7-day guarantee).  Refunds and exchanges can be processed at Digital Walker Robinsons Pioneer (Mandaluyong) branch from Oct. 3-9, 2016. 
5. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes please.
6. Digital Walker accepts cash and credit card payments 🙂 
7. If you purchased worth Php 3,000, make sure to check out the booth outside to register for the raffle. You might even win awesome gadgets :))
8. If you are unsure where to locate a specific item, ask the staff. They are very helpful.
9. Just like in any sale events, you need a lot of patience. 
10.  If you will ask me if it is worth it, it really depends on your needs and patience. If you are only out to buy just one item, always assess if you are willing to spend time lining up or if you have the money to buy in regular price (just go and visit the store, forget about the sale event). 🙂 But believe me, there are so many great finds. Follow the hashtag #DWChristmasComesEarly for more photos from the event. 
** I got invited to shop earlier as a partner blogger for Digital Walker. The 20 items/person rule was also implemented to all invited guests. Apologies if I couldn’t let friends go with me during the early shopping slot as we are not allowed to bring plus 1 to be fair to all the media guests invited to the event. Thank you for the usual support!

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Digital Walker Sale
SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 3
September 30 to October 3

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