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What to Wear on a Plane? My Do’s and Don’ts of Airport Fashion

December 13, 2016
Airport Fashion:  What to Wear When Traveling

Airport Fashion: My Do’s and Don’ts What to Wear in the Airport What to Wear During Flight?

Funny but true – I usually think of what to wear in the airport and travel, hours before my flight. It is the least of the things I worry about because by the time I am preparing for my flight, I am already tired of planning the wardrobe for the travel and packing the luggage.

For my travels, especially long-haul flights, I want to feel comfortable in my clothes. My main considerations would be: I want to feel the most comfortable as if I am going to bed, I need to be able to pee comfortably (I would never wear rompers or overalls!), and I need to be able to run (comfortable shoes is a must!).

Airport Fashion:  What to Wear When Traveling

What I Wore En Route to Siem Reap:
Black Bodycon Dress: Terranova
Bomber Jacket: Stradivarius
White Sneakers: Sperry
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Luggage: Herschel

My Do’s and Don’t in Airport Fashion:
Do: Wear comfortable clothes. I oftentimes wear my mostly used/fave clothes when traveling πŸ˜€ I wear pants when flying for more than 8 hours and when crossing timezones. 
Do: Wear or bring jacket – layer to lighten the luggage. Jacket is good to have when cabin gets cold.  It is also good to look decent during immigration check πŸ˜€ 
Do: Bring a scarf.  It has many uses. The most common – blanket when it gets really cold.

Do: Wear comfortable shoes that you can easily remove for airport check points. I sometimes wear fashion boots to save space and weight in my luggage especially when flying back home. But mostly, I wear shoes that I know I can run in.

Some of the usual clothes I wore when I traveled. Follow me @ruthilicious!

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Don’t: Wear too much accessories. You might lose them or might need to unfasten them during airport security checks. You wouldn’t want to be the cause of delay.. I used to wear (and bring) a lot of accessories (in my luggage) but now I want to keep statement pieces –  a good watch, my Pandora bracelet and my name necklace.
Don’t: Forget to tuck a pair of socks in your hand-carried bag. Airplane temperature can get really cold (especially when crossing) time zones, that you may want to slip on a pair of nice printed socks πŸ™‚

Don’t: Wear too fancy underwear with elaborate designs. I was once asked for another scan check in Vancouver Airport because metal detector detected something – it was in my back – it appeared that it was the design of the bra I was wearing (hello, La Senza!)

Don’t: Forget to pack extra underwear and clothes in your hand-carried bag – in case your luggage gets lost and you arrive late in your destination. It is good to have changing clothes with you.
What do you usually wear when you are traveling?

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