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To UberPool or Not: My UberPool Experience Commuting in Manila

December 17, 2016
My UberPool Experience Commuting in Manila
To UberPool or Not: My UberPool Experience Commuting in Manila

I have to admit that Uber got me a little pampered. I love Uber and the convenience and safety of going home in a private car.  But how are you guys liking the new fixed fare/rate of Uber? 
The rates can sometimes be so crazy and unreasonable – I sometimes think of booking UberPool. 
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featured photo by Timothée Mägli
Uber surge has gone crazy especially during Holiday Season. I remember trying to book an UberX from Manila to Makati and the rate was at Php 1,000 +. The same was true last Friday at 3 pm (trying to avoid the rush hour). It was at Php 1,200. My friend was teasing me that my fare seemed like a Seat Sale Promo of a budget airline. I could have flown to an island. In cases like this I go for GrabCar. I was charged only Php 550. 
I once considered riding via UberPool. I tried it twice (before Uber even introduced the fixed rate). My first experience was quite a breeze. I was the only one riding the car from Makati to SM Mall of Asia and I only needed to pay almost half of the normal UberX calculated rate. 

My UberPool Experience: 
When I tried it again the following day going from Manila to Trinoma, I realized it was such a bad idea. 
Don’t ride UBERPOOL when:
– you are running late for a meeting/schedule.
– you are hangry
– you need to use the washroom (me always!)
I was the first one to board the car and the driver accepted new requests. Per the UberPool ruling, he couldn’t decline these requests, otherwise it would be taken against his rating.
When you ride UberPool, the car can take any routes – as long as it is “on the way” to the final destination. You could be the first person to ride the car, but you could still be the last to be dropped off. It happened to me. 
When we arrived at the pick up point, we had to wait for the new passenger (okay passengers, she has a plus one!). We waited for more than 10 minutes. The driver was so nice to wait for them. I thought the UberPool car would go if you are not in the pick up place in 2 minutes. (thought bubbles: some people are just too inconsiderate)
I was praying so hard that there wouldn’t be any more requests. The universe answered my prayers.
The driver had to drop them off somewhere near ABS-CBN, and we had to battle with traffic again to get to Trinoma. 
The 30 minute ride that I calculated via Waze, took 45 minutes. 
I would say, take the UberPool if:
– you have the luxury of time.
– you are not HANGRY. 
– you want to play PokeMon Go (are there still people playing the game?)

UberPool’s rate are usually Php 100 to Php 200 lower than the UberX Private Car. I still prefer taking a private car – even if sometimes the rate is at Php 500+.

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How’s your UberPool experience?

Have you tried Uber? 
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