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Cabin Zero: Lightweight Carry-on Bag + Benefits of Traveling Light

March 7, 2017
cabin zero bag review cuban brown

Cabin Zero: Lightweight Carry-on Bag + Benefits of Traveling Light 
CabinZero 44 L Cuban Brown Bag Review: lightweight, durable and classic

I tried too many times to travel light – meaning to bring only the essential things and clothes that I need to wear for the x number of days of travel. I would like to think I have improved. I no longer bring a separate case for accessories, I bring travel size containers for toiletries and I try to bring only the clothes that I need to wear.

cabin zero bag review cuban brown

If there is one thing that really pushed and helped me to travel light, it is the new Cabin Zero Backpack. I challenged myself at the recent Davao Trip and only brought my Cabin Zero bag. I have used my Cabin Zero on several travel assignments; but these are only good for 1 day and I didn’t need to pack a lot.

My recent Davao Trip is a different case. We would be staying for 4 days and 4 nights.

The figures: 

4 days and 4 nights
airplane ride
bus ride
sea vessel ride
Cabin Zero 44 L Backpack

What’s in my Cabin Zero?

9 shirts
4 denim shorts
1 denim skirt
3 dresses
2 sets bikinis
1 foldable flats
1 pair slippers
7 bra + 10 undies (don’t ask the girl :))
laptop + chargers

cabin zero bag review cuban brown

The Cabin Zero Backpack size is perfect for the Cabin Compartment

cabin zero 44 l bag

Comparison of Cabin Zero to small luggage bag
It was funny that when the boys arrived at the airport, they came with their trolley luggage. :p
 I felt like a certified traveler with my Cabin Zero. 

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Cabin Zero is a British bag brand that carries carry-on backpack with simple and classic designs. Although I get attracted to quirky and cute bags, I always go for classics that I can always use and are easy to match with any outfit. 

Cabin Zero Material and Design
I love how light the CabinZero bag is, allowing me to pack more of my stuff. The bag design inside is simple – there is a compartment for laptop and mesh pocket for easy access of stuff like phone charger or power bank. There is also a zippered pocket for more important things like gadgets and wallet.

cabin zero bag review cuban brown
Inside Cabin Zero Backpack

Back Straps are padded
cabin zero bag review cuban brown
The zippers are YKK – strong and are lockable like a normal luggage 🙂  

cabin zero bag review cuban brown

There is a code specific to the Cabin Zero bag that you must register online.

The exterior has a big zipped pocket which can store more clothes or documents. There is no secret pockets in a Cabin Zero bag which is perfectly okay with me since I use packing cubes. I do not like backpacks with too many secret pockets that eat up the spaces inside the bag. I love that Cabin Zero has a big space for more important stuff that I need to pack.  It is designed like a suitcase. 

Cabin Zero has a handle on the sides which you can use if your shoulders need a rest. The large top  grab handle is easy to hold which is perfect for carrying the bag and swaying it to my shoulders. The back strap is made of air mesh material which is comfortable for long trips. The back part is padded and curved that fits the body part.

Traveling with Cabin Zero

via Plane

My Cabin Zero Cuban Brown backpack fits perfectly in the plane compartment. I find it easy to grab it with its side handles and the shoulder strap are strong to hold and sway. I can easily move and leave the plane. The best part – no waiting time at the baggage claim area.

cabin zero bag review cuban brown

cabin zero bag review cuban brown

cabin zero bag review cuban brown
cabin zero bag review cuban brown
cabin zero bag review cuban brown

via Land

I feel like I can run with my Cabin Zero backpack! I love that since it is a backpack it stays put beside me – unlike my friends’ luggage which roll when the bus stops (blame inertia :D).

cabin zero military
cabin zero military

via Sea

I never use a trolley luggage whenever we visit an island or ride a boat. I would hate to drag my luggage in a boat/stairs/makeshift bridge. It was a breeze to travel with just a backpack that is more like a luggage.

cabin zero military
cabin zero bag review philippines

The best part about owning a Cabin Zero backpack is that (drum roll please) – they offer 10-year warranty! It gets upgraded to 25-year warranty when you like the Cabin Zero Facebook page! Although I honestly think that one doesn’t need it because Cabin Zero is made with durable, high-quality and water-proof material. 
The better news, Cabin Zero partnered with that allows you to track down your luggage in case it gets lost in transit. You just need to register the code that comes with it. But hey, when you have a Cabin Zero, you don’t need to check-in luggage 😉 
Benefits of Traveling Light and Bringing Cabin Zero:

cabin zero bag review philippines

1. It costs less. There is no need for me to pay for a check-in baggage. 
2. It saves me time. No more waiting at the conveyor belt. 
3. No need to drag a suitcase. I can easily hop in and hop out an airplane, a sea vessel and a bus!
4. My hands are totally free to take photos whenever I travel – because Cabin Zero!
cabin zero bag review philippines
I think I am okay to travel locally with just a Cabin Zero, but for international flight – that’s another challenge I need to take. Let’s see. 

cabin zero bag review philippines
I would have wanted the Cabin Zero Military Bag but I am happy with my Cabin Zero 44 L Cuban Brown. It is very sexy!

Volume: 44L  
Weight: 760 grams (approx)
Dimensions: Fits 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Composition, Outer: Waterproof polyester, Lining: Polyester
Price: £60.00 GBP

Are you ready to shop? 
Shop at CabinZero

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