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#NeverStopPlaying with Magnum Red Velvet

March 21, 2017
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Magnum is giving us a reason to #NeverStopPlaying with the introduction of its most playful flavors. 
It is all about reds and ice cream bars during the launch of Magnum’s newest flavor at the Manila House in 5th Avenue Taguig. 
Say hello to Magnum Red Velvet. 

We were welcomed with Red Velvet Magnum bars!
(and SPAM Flakes!)
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Test Shot
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
with @rodelflorldeliz
(thank you for the photos!!!)
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
with Eason De Guzman
(belated happy birthday!)
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Raymond Gutierrez hosted the event

The Magnum Red Velvet is crafted by dessert artisans featuring a swirl of milk and white chocolate coated with cream cheese and white chocolate shell. I am not much of a fan of white chocolate but I love the hint of cream cheese on this new flavor. Can I also say that the ice cream itself looks so romantic in its subtle red/pink shade?
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Magnum wants indulgent flavors that will help us when you need a break from adulting. To make it more exciting, Magnum collaborated with 3 of Manila’s top designers for exclusive collection. 
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Armina Aranaz, creative director and lead designer of Aranaz shares “Although still chic, the accessories play on the slightly whismical side”.
Aranaz bags’ materials are all sourced in the Philippines which gives a tropical feel. I really love the chic collection for this collaboration with Magnum
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Boom Sason
Boom Sason is known for her minimalist – yet sexy approach. The collection shows off a cheekier, more playful side “I wanted outfits that emphasize your shape, but also outfits that were functional, where you would be comfortable enough to go crazy in”.
I love how each piece on her Magnum collection can be worn on different occasions – dinner dates, business meetings, or blogger events. 
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Sunnies Studio
The playful sunnies brand curated a selection of eyewear that add an extra playful touch to any outfit. For the Magnum collaboration, selected red and white sunglasses would help complement any outfit. A fun sunnies can truly add character and spunk on any ensemble. It is not a surprise that Sunnies Studio is the favorite of the millennials. 
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
For pleasure-seekers out there, get a chance to win exclusive pieces from one of the 3 #NeverStopPlaying collections starting April 14. Just Flip to play on and win either 25 sunnies his and her kits, 6 unique Aranaz bags or 6 of the custom-fit pieces from Boom Sason. 
Magnum Red Velvet Philippines
Take a break from being an adult
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