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Magnum Manila Cafe: The Pleasure Store Opening on April 8th

March 31, 2014

When Magnum arrived in the Philippines, it hit a strong bullet and impact to the hearts of many Filipinos. My first taste of the Magnum ice cream was in Indonesia. I was not easily swayed by the crowd who worship the ice cream bar like a hero that would save a meal. I am not an much of an ice cream person, but I do admit that I indulge at times. Who can resist the luscious ice cream that gives a cracking bite experience? Magnum restored my belief in ice cream bars.

#MagnumManila becomes a hit, much like a storm, especially after the recent launch of the Magnum Gold. 

To make the ice cream experience more enjoyable, a Magnum Pleasure Store is opening its doors to the public on April 8th in the 5f of Sky Park, SM Aura.

Yes, a Magnum Pleasure Store!!!

Magnum Pleasure Stores are special pop-up stores that offer the most awaited ice cream experience worldwide. They are located in premium locations all over the world from Milan to Cannes to New York, London and Toronto. Finally, it is our turn to hold the golden ticket as Magnum Pleasure Store has come in Manila!

This Magnum logo is made with Magnum Wooden Sticks!

There are only a few good reasons why I go to SM Aura. I braved the traffic and hot weather for the pleasure that was waiting for me. Behind the black curtain that conceals (not hot men) the pleasure makers, it was Phil Younghusband who welcomed me in the entrance. I were not an ice cream but I almost melted.

Click Read More to know more about Magnum Manila Pleasure Store!

The interior is pristine in white with comfortable couches and chairs. Magnum Manila delivers its own special take on the Pleasure Store, featuring the sleek, modern architecture of Ed Calma.

Sitting in the comfortable couch makes you feel like you are being embraced by the Magnum Almond ice cream. The lights give you a special glow that is perfect for dates, and the spacious dining area makes it a good venue for family get-togethers. Can you imagine kids running around this pleasure haven?

The white seats represent vanilla ice cream, 
while the brown surface are Belgian chocolate.
Yes, that gold film in the wall is reminiscent of Magnum Gold!

Magnum Manila is more than a sleek ice cream parlor but a real cafe. We were all pleasantly surprised with how good, comforting and generous the servings are of the food they are offering in Magnum Manila. But what they always say, always leave a room for dessert.

Asian Steak Salad
Super love the greens and dressing!

Roasted Kabocha Pumpkin Soup
One of the lightest pumpkin soups I have tasted!

Seared Salmon with Basil Creme and Chorizo Confit
Generous serving, this is for sharing

Mushroom Burger
A bit too salty for my taste, but good just the same

Karage Burger
Super filling!

The man behind the savory dishes on the Magnum Manila menu is the executive chef of Chef Cuisine catering and owner of Nomama, Chef Him Uy de Baron.

And for dessert, the Magnum Manila Pleasure Store has more than the usual ice cream bar – how about the Make Your Own Magnum experience?

I initially thought that the “experience” will allow customers to come behind the bar and experience making our own magnum – complete with the shaking and dipping experience, but all we needed to do is to pick a Pleasure Maker!

Laureen Uy got to try the real experience!
I posted an instruction in instagram.. but sharing it again with you..
I chose him as my pleasure maker, and with a go signal I told him to give me some pleasure..
I needed to select 3 toppings
There are wild ones like chili, quezo de bola, Speculous..
There are 18 toppings to choose from!
Now, choose your magnum – vanilla or chocolate?
I always go for chocolate
Mr. Pleasure Maker then dipped it in Belgian Dark Chocolate (you can choose chocolate, gold or dark chocolate), and sprinkled it with my chosen toppings. Then, a few drizzle of your chosen chocolate syrup. Pleasure was done. Tadaah…
My own Magnum is chocolate bar covered with Belgian Dark Chocolate,
topped with chocolate balls, wild berries, oreos with a drizzle of 
Belgian Gold Chocolate!

 You too can create your own Magnum for only Php 100. 

For those who love more indulgent desserts (think of cakes, cheesecakes and brownies), there are special dessert selections from the menu which starts at Php 250. Good for sharing!

I seriously wanted to cry when we were served with these.. You know that feeling when the mouth is willing but your stomach is screaming no.
This is the smoothest and creamiest cheesecake I have tasted! 
It is smooth, it already feels and tastes like an ice cream. 
And strawberries? Perfect combination! 
I hate that I am writing about this now. This is torture.
Rainbow Dream Php 250
This is chocolate covered vanilla Magnum served with rainbow cake crumble, and those layers separating the cake are moist cheesecake!  Yum!

Cookie Dough Skillet Php 250
This was still warm when it was served! Imagine two vanilla Magnum bars 
with dark chocolate and chopped pecans!

The name behind these desserts is Chef Miko Aspiras who is an award winning pastry Chef in global competitions and is one of the pastry chefs of a premier hotel in the country.

Pleasure Makers at Work

The Magnum Manila Pleasure Store will open on April 8th for only 12 months. Yes, only 12 months. I am not sure where this pop-up store is heading after, but the message is clear – there is a limited time to indulge. Then, maybe we can do something to make them stay – Magnum-lovers Unite!
Are you excited for the Magnum Manila Pleasure Store? 
Enjoy, and scream!!! 
Magnum Manila Pleasure Store
5th Floor SM Aura’s Sky Park Dining

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